Ministry of Health Changed Coronavirus Test Criteria


To date, the Ministry of Health has been applying coronavirus testing to applicants with high fever, cough and breathing difficulties. According to the new statement, if any of the symptoms of throat, head and muscle aches and loss of taste and smell are seen, a coronavirus test will be performed.

One of the most talked about topics during the coronavirus epidemic where the whole world struggled a lot coronavirus tests It was. The tests used to reveal coronavirus cases are applied with certain criteria since they are not unlimited.

Testing with certain criteria to detect coronavirus cases since March Ministry of Healthannounced that changes have been made to the test criteria as of today. The Coronavirus Scientific Board explained that some of the symptoms of coronavirus caused changes in the test criteria because they were more common than in the past.

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Ministry of Health, coronavirus outbreak From the moment it started in Turkey fever, cough and coronavirus test was applied to persons suffering from any of the symptoms of respiratory distress. However, recently, the number of cases with different symptoms and no symptoms started to increase.

Seeing new symptoms and increasing coronavirus cases without symptoms are related to coronavirus tests of the Ministry of Health. criteria changing to caused. In addition to throat, head and muscle aches, loss of taste and smell, coronavirus test will be applied to those who show any of the symptoms such as diarrhea. As before, symptoms of fever, cough and shortness of breath will continue to be a valid criterion for coronavirus testing.

Coronavirus Scientific Committee member Dr. Recep Öztürk, Ministry of Health case definitions He said that it was constantly updated and that the groups to be tested were determined thanks to this study. Stating that work is continuing on test algorithms, Prof.Dr. Öztürk said that the data will determine the test criteria according to the profession groups.

The number of coronavirus cases without symptoms is increasing

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No symptoms The number of coronavirus cases is increasing day by day. A study from South Korea on May 26 stated that a positive result was achieved in 2.64 percent of the people who were tested even though they did not show any symptoms or contact someone who had a coronavirus. The organized industrial zones in Turkey, this ratio was set at 3.5 per thousand.

President of Infectious Diseases Association Dr. Mehmet Ceyhan, of coronavirus cases all over the world He said that 45 percent of the cases were coronavirus cases without symptoms. When the outbreak started, 70 percent of COVID-19 patients said that fever and cough were observed. Dr. Ceyhan stated that this rate is currently down to 20 percent.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ceyhan stated that the Ministry of Health added symptoms such as sore throat, headache, muscle aches, loss of taste and smell and diarrhea to the test criteria due to this decrease, and heart pain and color changes on the skin said it could be added.

Ministry of Health has performed over 50 thousand tests in the last two days

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Professor Dr. Mehmet Ceyhan, Ministry of Health in the last two days Over 50 thousand tests He said that 30 thousand of these tests were applied to people who applied with coronavirus symptoms, and the remaining 20 thousand tests were applied for screening purposes.

Professor Dr. Ceyhan, with the people who will go to the military for 20 thousand screening tests in organized industrial zones He said that it applies to working people. The President of the Infectious Diseases Association added that the scope of screening tests will be applied to risky groups such as healthcare workers, barbers, hairdressers, chauffeurs, cabin crews, as well as easy identification of coronavirus cases.

Professor Dr. Ceyhan, in Turkey the number of coronavirus cases without symptoms He said it was thought to be 300 thousand and stated that one out of every 100 people in Istanbul is thought to have a virus.