Ministry of Health Starts Investigation on Poor Quality Masks


The Ministry of Health Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (TİTCK), asked the mask samples from more than 400 brands. The masks to be examined will be found to be unsafe as a result of the tests and will be withdrawn from the market. Citizens will be able to check whether the mask they use is safe with the mobile application called “ÜTS”.

An important initiative has been initiated in our country regarding the masks that come into our lives with the coronavirus pandemic and do not seem to come off easily. Working under the Ministry of Health Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (TITCK) requested mask samples from more than 400 brands with an investigation initiated. Products that are found to be unsafe after the tests to be made on these samples, will be withdrawn from the market.

Speaking to Emre Eser from Hürriyet regarding the issue, Vice President of the Federation of All Medical Device Manufacturer and Supplier Associations (TÜMDEF) Young Manexplained that with the increasing demand, many people entered the mask business. Stating that there was a decrease in the quality of the masks released in the market as such, Delikanlı said that some manufacturers to trick between the samples sent for approval and the products put on the market “meltblown“He says that there are differences in terms of. Some mask manufacturers even use the products they sell for safe. bag lining they even use it. The investigations initiated by TITCK aim to prevent such irregularities.

“Check if the masks are safe”

Control over masks

Before the citizens buy a mask, Erkin Delikanlı asked whether the product is reliable or not. that you should check says. For this also “ÜTSnamed ” Product Tracking System Stating that the mobile application named mobile application can be used, Delikanlı said that the barcode of the masks can be scanned from this application and whether they are safe or not. can be easily understoodstates that complaints can also be made for suspicious products. So how is this application used?

What is the Product Tracking System (ÜTS) application and how is it used?

Product Tracking System application, Google Play Store and App Store over free can be downloaded as. The application, which has a very simple user interface, allows the barcode of a mask to be read with the camera or to query by entering this barcode manually. After the barcode is scanned, the product will be delivered to the Ministry of Health. whether it is approved you can detect. The information provided by the application is as follows;

Product Tracking System (ÜTS)

Why is Meltblown so important to masks?

Meltblown stands for a technological type of fabric. This polymer-based fabric, for filtering is of critical importance. Scientists say that the protection rates of the masks used should be over 90 percent or even over 95 percent in order to slow the epidemic rate. Protection rate in case of using meltblown in a produced mask to 98-99 percent levels coming out. Emphasizing that double masks should be used, especially due to the mutated coronavirus, the authorities, with the examinations to be carried out by TITCK, to eliminate the masks that do not comply with the standards, therefore, quality mask they aim to use it and slow the pace of the epidemic.

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