Ministry of Interior Answers Questions Regarding Total Closure


The Ministry of Interior published a statement that answered new questions about the full closure period, which will last until May 17. According to the statement, retirees will be able to withdraw their pension and holiday bonus from the nearest bank branch or ATMs, provided that they comply with the time and route conditions.

Turkey last Thursday evening, a total of 17 days. ‘tam closing’ had entered the period. In this period, which will continue until May 17, it is aimed to keep citizens at home and to reduce the number of cases to low levels again. However, the things that can be done and the things that are forbidden to do are so complicated that citizens do not know what they can and cannot do.

As such, the Ministry of Interior, published a statement responding to new questions about the full closing period. According to this statement, which has answered many questions, retirees will be able to go to the nearest bank branch or ATMs, provided that they comply with the route and time rule to withdraw their salary and holiday bonuses.

Questions answered by the Ministry of Interior:


The ones included in the new information provided by the Ministry of Interior are as follows:

  • Insurance agentswill be subject to curfews during the full closure period. In this period, insurance experts will be exempt from the curfews only in case of an accident, provided that the duty document is issued by the relevant main insurance company and the damage route / time is limited.
  • In the audits of the insurance experts who will go to the streets related to the damage, assignment document and corporate identity card they will have to submit. A copy of the assignment documents issued by the main insurance companies within this scope will be simultaneously sent to the relevant law enforcement units through the Governorships / District Governorates.

Auto mechanics are not exempt from the curfew:

  • Repair and maintenance shops of agricultural vehicles and auto mechanics will not be exempted from the curfew. Repair and maintenance workshops and auto repair shops, where repairs and maintenance of vehicles used in agricultural production activities are carried out, will be closed.
  • These workplaces are in case of compulsory situations With the knowledge of the district governorship / law enforcement agency, it can be opened temporarily for a short time and with the aim of eliminating the related malfunction, upon call, and will only be able to provide services for the removal of the said malfunction.
  • Employees who will come to workplaces to provide this service, limited to these activities only and compatible with the route / time be provided that will be temporarily exempt from the curfew.

Retirees will be able to withdraw their salaries from the nearest banks and ATMs, provided that they comply with the route and time rule:

  • RetireesTo comply with the calendar and time periods to be announced by the Banks Association of Turkey for the salaries and bonuses of 3-15 May and other salaries, monthly and wage payments within the full closing period, to use within the time that corresponds to its own group within the calendar and periods to be announced according to the TR ID number or other procedures. to the residence of the bank where the salary payment will be made go to the nearest branch and Provided to comply with the route and time rule Will be able to go to banks and ATMs.
  • During the payments physical distance rule Necessary measures will be taken by the bank administrations under the coordination of the local governors, and the number of branches to be kept open and the number of personnel to be employed will be increased in order not to create images that are against the measures against the epidemic, especially.
  • In this period, in order to avoid concentration, bank branches during opening-closing hours can go to yawn.
  • Disabled and elderly pensions with social support payments Reminding that it will take place on May 5-10, within this scope, payments of 1 million 633 thousand 94 beneficiaries, excluding those to be sent to the PTT card or IBAN number, will be made under the coordination of governors and within the Vefa social support groups, through PTT distributors, law enforcement officers and other public personnel. specified. Payments to the beneficiaries will be delivered at residences.


Press members will present their corporate identity cards:

  • Turquoise press card holder press members, on condition of presenting corporate identity cards, curfews and intercity will not be subject to travel restrictions. During the audits by law enforcement officers and on intercity public transport, no additional permission or document will be required, except for the turquoise press card.

Those who will feed stray animals with mobile beekeepers are exempt from the restriction:

  • Within the framework of Veterinary Services, Plant Health, Food and Feed Law persons engaged in traveling beekeeping activities During the inter-provincial relocations, they will be required to obtain the Bee Registration System (ACS) registration certificate and a referral document from the Provincial / District Agriculture and Forestry Directorates.

In this direction, during the intercity travels of the mobile beekeepers within the scope of beekeeping activities, the AKS Registration Certificate In the presence of a referral document, a separate travel permit will not be required for inspections by law enforcement officers.

AKS registration certificate for beekeepers who want to go to and from areas where beehives are located in the same city, will be allowed by checking the route and time.

Stray animals can be fed provided evidence of:

  • Those who will feed stray animalson the days of curfew, on the condition that they comply with the rules such as staying within the scope of the minimum person who can meet the feeding activity limited to the route between their residence and feeding points, presenting up-to-date photo / video footage of the animal feeding activity during the inspections by law enforcement officers or showing the materials they take to feed street animals. In addition, they will be able to operate without the need to submit any documents.



The Validity of Handwritten Work Permits Has Been Extended Until May 7

Horse owners, trainers and grooms will be exempt from the intercity ban with a document to be issued for compulsory situations:

  • Horse owners, coaches and groomsThe Jockey Club of Turkey will be exempted from the intercity travel ban in order to participate in organizations in different provinces provided that the appointment document to be issued only for compulsory situations is presented.

A copy of the assignment documents that will be subject to the time and route restriction of the competition will be sent to the relevant law enforcement units simultaneously through the Governorships / District Governorates.

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