Ministry of Internal Affairs Has Published “Working Hours” Circular


With the start of the gradual normalization process, the Ministry of Internal Affairs sent a new working hours circular to the governorships of 81 provinces, as some workplaces started operating again. In the said circular, it was reminded that which workplaces can serve at which hours in provinces in which risk group.

Ministry of Interior, circular on working hours announced that he had sent. In the circular in question, it was reminded that with the increase in the number of cases in the past period, new coronavirus measures were implemented and restrictions were imposed on the opening and closing hours of some workplaces; With the gradual normalization process passed as of March, it was stated that some changes were made in this regard.

According to the working hours circular of the Ministry of Interior, in provinces with low, medium and high risk restaurant, restaurant, cafeteria, patisserie, dessert shop etc. with eating and drinking places such as coffee house and tea garden for workplaces like 07.00-19.00 It was allowed to serve with a capacity of 50 percent between hours.

Market, butchers and greengrocers will be able to serve from 7 am to 8 pm.



Decisions taken within the Scope of the Normalization Process Announced for Turkey

The Ministry of Internal Affairs, within the scope of the measures, limits the opening and closing hours grocery store, market, greengrocer, butcher, barber, hairdresser and beauty salon, tailor, shoemaker working hours of workplaces in provinces with low, medium and high risk. 07.00-20.00 stated that it was determined as between.

In accordance with the principles stated by the governors and district governors in the circular it has recently issued, the Ministry Provincial / District General Hygiene Boards He stated that the decisions will be taken urgently.

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