Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure 'AtlasGlobal' Statement

A new statement has come about AtlasGlobal, which temporarily stopped its flights. In the statements made by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the issue will be followed and the need to be done to eliminate the grievances were expressed.

providing services in Turkey for many years, the name of the earlier "Atlasjet" but with a renewal program in recent years as a result of the entry "AtlasGlobal", the airline, which has been renamed that stop He explained. Company officials stated that Istanbul Airport has increased costs.

This decision taken by AtlasGlobal, "Has the company sank?" the passengers themselves the mess found. Because air travel is usually planned weeks and months in advance, air tickets are purchased accordingly. But AtlasGlobal's statements yesterday, December 21 until the date of the airline has suffered passengers. However, airline officials announced that the grievance would be reported.



AtlasGlobal stopped its flights until December 21st: What will passengers do?

AtlasGlobal will not fly between 26 November and 21 December, according to a statement. Therefore, all tickets purchased by passengers cancel will be refunded. Authorities, the process will continue until December 15, the ticket between the dates of the specified ticket will be identified individually and the payments will be returned to them announced. Now on the subject Ministry of Transport and Infrastructurecame from a statement.

In the statements made by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, AtlasGlobal's as quotedsaid the company will resolve the said grievances. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, which states that the issue will be followed closely by themselves, is control said they would.

What to do if you have a ticket from AtlasGlobal?


If you have a previously planned trip between 26 November – 21 December, where AtlasGlobal will not fly, cancel know. All you have to do is just wait. Already AtlasGlobal, as of yesterday reach has started and reported that their flights have been canceled.

The deadline set by AtlasGlobal for the victims is December 15th. So AtlasGlobal's December 15 by the date you have reached. If you have not been contacted by then, you can try to contact AtlasGlobal through different communication channels. If the payments you have made to the company will be returned when uncertainty protecting.

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