Missing need: Telekom does not offer FTTH at Super Vectoring

Deutsche Telekom does not offer Sommerkahl, a municipality in the district of Aschaffenburg in Lower Franconia, a concept for FTTH expansion, because there is already Super Vectoring there. That reports that Main Echo appealed on statements at a local council meeting. The German glass fiber had presented a concept in April.

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Telekom is building on demand, explained Thomas Weigand, Project Manager of Deutsche Telekom Technik According to the report. By Super Vectoring in the place in the download a data transmission rate of 250 megabits per second offered, therefore one does not see such need at the moment. In other places it is Weigand the high competitive pressure, which forces the Telekom to the further development. "We'll do that someday"when could he not foresee now? With Super Vectoring data rates of up to 250 MBit / s can be reached in the download and an upload of up to 40 MBit / s.

Mayor Albin Schaefer (CSU) emphasized, according to Main Echo, that there are 80 houses in the city, which have been equipped with empty conduits for fiber optic cables to the house for five years.

"The demand is not there at the moment, that we continue to expand", repeated Thomas Weigand.

"Deutsche Glasfaser is still involved in the community of Sommerkahl and is in discussion with the local government If the cooperation agreement between the company and the community is, we go into the phase of demand bundling." A decision by the local council is expected in September "German fiber optic spokesman Dennis Slobodian told on request.

Weigand is also waiting ahead of the competitor's prices: "They also do not know what they charge in two years, they are not regulated."he said according to the report. In the first year costs the internet access the German glass fiber with 1 Gigabit / s in the Download and 500 MBit / s in the Upload per month 90 Euro. With a contract period of two years, the price increases monthly from the 13th month to 120 euros. Business customers can already book up to 10 GBit / s.

The telecoms market Super Vectoring as magenta home XL. The offer of 20 euros in the first six months applies only to new customers. After that, the tariff costs 55 euros per month. The contract period is 24 months. Thus, the monthly price is around 46 euros.