Mobile communications: BUND wants to enforce 5G stop in Hamburg


The environmental organization BUND wants an expansion stop for 5G in Hamburg. For this purpose, members of the BUND working group have electrosmog on February 12, 2020 handed over a petition with around 6,000 signatures to the mayor's office of Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD). The expansion of the mobile radio infrastructure with 5G technology must not take place without checking the health and environmental compatibility and not without the prescribed technology assessment.

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"The ongoing expansion without such an assessment contradicts the statutory precautionary principle"said Manfred Braasch, Managing Director of BUND Hamburg.

According to Braasch, other large European cities such as Brussels, Florence and Geneva, other locations in Ireland and over 100 municipalities in Italy have already spoken in favor of a 5G expansion stop.

Hamburg is one of the six model regions in which the expansion is particularly promoted. "Research into the consequences for health and the environment must be carried out by independent institutes before this technology is expanded, and never during operation – in a field test on people and the environment" emphasized Ellen Kruse, spokeswoman for the BUND working group electrosmog. This must clearly take precedence over economic interests.

On the last weekend in January, people in Switzerland protested again against 5G technology. As the association announced Protection Against Radiation, 2,000 people took part in the international protest day against 5G. Protest actions took place in 16 cities, the largest in Berne and Zurich.

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