Mobile operating systems: Apple released iOS 13.3 and iPad OS 13.3


Apple has released new updates for its mobile operating systems with iOS 13.3 and iPadOS 13.3. The most important new feature is child safety settings with communication limits that control who can contact children via FaceTime, messages or the phone. Parents can manage the contacts displayed on the child's device. Of course this does not work with chat apps that are not under Apple's control.

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In addition, the Apple's own app stocks was improved. So users can click on links to stock market stories or read news from specific providers.

The update also contains numerous fixes. For example, FIDO2-compliant NFC, USB, and Lightning security keys can be used with the mobile Safari to enable two-factor authentication.

The fixes also fix issues in Mail that prevented new emails from loading, and fixed an issue where emails in Gmail accounts could not be deleted. In addition, difficulties in emails in Exchange accounts due to incorrect characters have been eliminated.

Apple has also fixed a bug where screen shots may appear fuzzy after sending messages via the app, or where the cut or annotations on screenshots have not been saved in the Photos app. It also resolves an issue that incorrectly turned off Mobile Data as Off. Information on closed security holes Apple has not yet published in its knowledgebase.

The updates can be imported over the system settings over-the-air.

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