Mobile PlayStation Games to Release Earlier Than Expected


Sony has been wondering about the players for a few months; made exciting statements about the mobile games that are still being worked on. According to what was stated in an interview, Sony’s anticipated mobile games will be adapted from the company’s new and popular productions. According to the statements, these games will appear “sooner than we expect”.

in the past months Sony’nin We had heard that it would bring some of its games to mobile platforms. Sony, which does not want to miss the mobile game train like every game company, has not made a statement about which productions these games will come from and when they will come. However, a promising statement came from an authoritative name recently.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO’su Jim Ryanannounced that new mobile games will come from new Sony productions. Ryan noted that these games will come “much sooner than we expect”, reducing the question marks in the minds of the players a bit.

The latest PlayStation titles coming soon to mobile platforms

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Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan talked about Sony’s plans for mobile platforms and the reasons for these plans in a recent interview. Saying that one of the reasons is the success of Sony’s new big games, Ryan said, “It would be a disservice to limit this enjoyment to only the PlayStation community” used the phrases.

The CEO, who does not give much information when it comes to the details of the job, said that a few names are currently being worked on and We will see the fruits of our efforts soon. explained. In earlier statements on the subject, it was mentioned that these mobile games would be adaptations of the most popular and newest PlayStation productions. Some of the games in question are expected to arrive in app stores before the end of this year. However, it is not clear which games will come and when exactly they will be released.

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