Mod that Turns Half-Life 2 into a Cyberpunk Game


The mod called G String, which turns Half-Life 2 into a completely different game, turns the classic FPS game into a cyberpunk game with a completely different main character. The new mode draws attention with its details.

ValveAbout Half-Life 2 16 years ago had published. Although there have been many intermediate and side games since that day, the third game of the series has never arrived. Fans of my production also use what they have as much as they can.

We’ve seen many different modes before Half-Life 2 mods some make small changes. The latest mod published for the game makes the production completely different. The name of the mod is G String determined as.

Half-Life 2 became a Cyberpunk

gstirng half life

In this production Gordon Freeman instead we play another character. As he wrote in the introduction of the mod, he is a Korean teenager from the future of the world with special abilities Myo HyorWe try to complete the adventure we started as i.

Our young daughter named Hyori while exploring the huge metropolis, against the evil of the city trying to protect himself. The Bortz Bioengineered armor is also given to him. a piece of protection provides. In this game, in addition to the typical FPS game mechanics, we can also do air battles.

The game also has various puzzles we also need to solve. These puzzles are often simple and are puzzles where we need to use environmental factors. The single-player mode of the production offers a very long and full scenario.

Half-Life still attracts great attention

half life 2

Half-Life 2 Like the first game, it is considered an FPS legend and is still loved today. Black Mesa, which was released this year and made the game HD, was very popular. Even Half-Life Alyx, the VR game set in her universe, 1 million new virtual reality users had made it appear.


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As the producer of the new Half-Life mod Eyaura publisher does most of the things himself LunchHouse Software and From Valve also stated that he received support. Completing the mod is More than 12 years drove.

Half-Life series As it continues to be so popular, Valve will one day Announcing Half-Life 3 it will likely result in internet crash. Until then, you can play the game in different ways with new modes.