Moderna Tests mRNA-Based Flu Vaccine in Humans


US-based Moderna has started testing the flu vaccine based on the mRNA method on humans. The mRNA method is used in BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccines today.

United States of America based pharmaceutical company Modern, to the first volunteers in his clinical trial mRNA announced today that it is administering the seasonal flu vaccine. The start of the experiment, developed with the same technology COVID-19 It marks the next step in the company’s work on this vaccine technology, following the success of the vaccine.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, mRNA vaccines were generally in the experimental stage, although they were seen as the technology of the future in vaccine development. People with the mRNA vaccine are injected with small samples of the genetic material of the target virus. The cells of people who get the vaccine use this to produce tiny bits of the virus. uses genetic information which allows the body’s immune system to learn to fight the virus.

mRNA Flu Vaccines Expected to Be More Effective


Pharmaceutical companies expect mRNA-based flu vaccines to be more effective than conventional vaccines. Because the production of mRNA-based vaccines is rapid, they do not need to be produced in advance; Vaccines with this technology could, in theory, be better matched to the seasonal flu strain.


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Moderna is the second group to test the mRNA flu vaccine on humans; thus Sanofi and Translate Bio companies launched an experiment this summer. Pfizer and BioNtech companies have also been interested in the mRNA-based flu vaccine for several years and are pushing these plans further.

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