Monday: Hardware & consumption boom, Bitcoin theft, cloud & T-Mobile gaps


Processors and graphics cards continue to sell well, but in the context of the energy transition and the call for more sustainability, electric cars, new house insulation and organic shoes are also in demand. But does that have to be all? It is also environmentally friendly if you continue to use your previous belongings instead of replacing them – a brief overview of the most important messages.

Although the second quarter has traditionally been rather weak, the three big chip manufacturers have Intel, Nvidia and AMD further increased their sales figures. Despite the lack of chips, sales of CPUs and graphics cards continue to rise. Intel was able to assert itself as the market leader, but Nvidia expanded its market share for graphics cards a little.

These Consumer culture is also evident in other areas. A survey on the personal participation in the protection of the future human habitat shows what the respondents bought. New electric cars. New house insulation. New organic shoes. New e-bikes. New bamboo straws. New zinc sheet watering cans. the The downside is missing, the garbage behind it. The Missing Link is about overconsumption and false consumption promises: Don’t buy an electric car!

Not bought, but supposedly with one Malware steals bitcoins did two years ago british youngsters. With a Civil action an American wants to regain these 16 bitcoins. At the time of the theft, the two alleged perpetrators were still minors and lived with their parents. After the loss of 16 bitcoins, the stolen person also sued the parents of the alleged thieves.

Microsoft’s Azure cloud service was not infested with malware, but apparently offered one security breach, through which unauthorized persons could gain full access to the customer’s cloud databases. According to Microsoft, the loophole has now been closed, but affected customers should take action themselves to prevent unauthorized access. After the cloud database disaster, Microsoft has therefore informed its Azure customers about the serious gap.

In contrast to the Azure vulnerability, which has not had any consequences so far, the most recent Break into the servers of T-Mobile US above 50 million customer data stolen. The system made it easy for the hacker, he himself explains in a letter to the press. Cracking the defense mechanisms of the US Telecom subsidiary cost him little effort. The hacker used a devastating security hole for the data breach at T-Mobile US.

A devastating development is also becoming apparent in the coronavirus pandemic, because the number of nationwide Covid-19 patients treated in intensive care units is in the fourth corona wave risen above 1000 for the first time. In the DIVI Register daily report on Sunday, 1008 Covid-19 patients were reported in intensive care, 485 of whom had to be ventilated. The low was 354 on July 22nd. Since then, the occupancy has increased again, so that the number of Covid 19 patients in intensive care units has risen again to over 1000.

Also important:

  • There are now eight hybrid catenary trucks on the now three pilot routes across Germany. The test operation for overhead line trucks is picking up speed, as more are to follow.
  • The French capital Paris is rehearsing the traffic turnaround and is largely becoming a 30 km / h zone. The metropolis wants to achieve fewer accidents, less noise and more space for cyclists. But there is also resistance to the turnaround in traffic.
  • Exactly 75 years ago today, the state of Rhineland-Palatinate was founded by ordinance of the military governor of the French occupation zone, with Mainz as its capital.


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