Monday: Nebra icon, drone danger, clan crime, Russiagate & E3 fireworks

While the Nebra Sky Disk as an icon of archeology leads to an ongoing scholarly dispute and many new discoveries, the use of drones as a weapon has changed the balance of military power to such an extent that the Bundeswehr hardly stands a chance. Organized crime in the Ruhr area, on the other hand, has become a problem of the first order. Now there was a coup by the police authorities that had been prepared well in advance.

In the US, the Justice Department under Donald Trump, as part of the leak investigation into Russiagate, ordered Apple to release data from important Democrats in the House of Representatives. At the current E3 game fair, however, Microsoft showed some highly anticipated games, but there were also several surprises. The most important of the weekend in brief.

The discovery of the Nebra Sky Disc in Saxony-Anhalt caused a sensation, it is considered one of the most important archaeological finds of the past century. It all started quite unspectacularly with two robbery graves with metal detectors. Meanwhile there is an ongoing scholarly dispute and many new findings about this archeology icon: “Moon and stars on night black”.

The Bundeswehr think tank has also drawn insights after analyzing the balance of forces in the military and draws a gloomy scenario. Germany is therefore hardly equipped against the increasingly complex technology for Attacks with combat drones. The experts examined the international market and the course of the fighting over Nagorno-Karabakh, where Azerbaijan defeated Armenia with drones last year. The Bundeswehr “hardly had a chance”.

The German police authorities are waging a different struggle, namely against organized crimewhich has grown into a problem of the first order in the Ruhr area. Now there was a major raid in North Rhine-Westphalia, in which the police stormed a villa in Leverkusen and arrested a senior clan member. Observers speak of a “spectacular” action with officially 600 police officers in 15 cities at the same time. Clan crime is the thriller on your doorstep.

A Political crime In contrast, it took place in the USA under the administration of former US President Donald Trump. In 2017 and 2018, while investigating leaked classified information relating to Russia’s potential interference in the election campaign, the US Department of Justice requested data from Apple on the accounts of at least two Democrats as well as their employees and family members. As part of Russiagate, the Trump administration spied on leading opposition politicians via Apple.

Not a thriller, but Microsoft set off fireworks at its first big one Games showcase since the Bethesda takeover. Several games were announced at the E3 games fair, including in-house productions such as “Forza Horizon 5” and potential indie hits such as “Replaced”. There were also numerous trailers for well-known titles such as “Stalker 2”, “Starfield” or “Battlefield 2042”. Microsoft’s E3 fireworks also included the Xbox refrigerator.

Also important:

  • Exactly 50 years ago today, the first hard rock café opened – on the premises of a former Rolls-Royce agency in London.
  • Today is a public holiday in China and Taiwan due to the Dragon boat festival, which is one of the three most important festivals in China, along with the Chinese New Year and the Moon Festival.
  • At the start of the week, the pharmacies are gradually starting to issue digital corona vaccination certificates. However, the number of participating pharmacies is still limited in the first few days for technical and organizational reasons.
  • A new location of the Federal Office for Information Security starts this Monday in Saarbrücken. Around 30 employees are to intensify the work on artificial intelligence together with the research institutions located there.
  • In a cyber attack on the fast food chain McDonald’s in the USA, South Korea and Taiwan, hackers gained access to employee and customer data.


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