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Famous for its affordable performance computers, Monster has recently started to make a name for itself in the market with its affordable player products. I also reviewed the Monster Pusat Pro Flight Stick, one of Monster’s newest products, which I am sure will attract the attention of anyone who wants to jump into the flight simulation world.

Known for its affordable performance computers compared to its competitors in the market, Monster has recently ceased to be just a computer brand. The company has released monitors, mice, gamepads, headphones, mousepads, keyboards, cameras and even microphones for gamers. One of Monster’s newest products, on the other hand, was a product that would attract the attention of aviation enthusiasts, attracting everyone in or out of the airplane simulation world: Monster Pusat Pro Flight Stick.

As a simulation and aviation enthusiast Monster Pusat Pro Flight StickIt was a product that caught my attention as well. However, since the product is new, I could not see a comprehensive review article/video written about it. I hope that what you are about to read about this product, which I started to experience as soon as I received it, will remove all your worries about purchasing the product. Let me start to tell. Of course, as always, let’s list the pros and cons of the product in general terms:

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Monster Center Pro Flight Stick incelemesi:

monster pusat pro flight stick inceleme

Monster Pusat Pro Flight Stick’i kim almalı?

  • Anyone interested, starting or interested in the world of flight simulation.
  • Those who want to have the highest level of experience by having both the throttle and the lever at the same time.
  • Those who do not want to invest a lot of money in a flight arm worrying about ‘what if I get cold’.
  • Those who say ‘entry level hardware’ is enough for me


  • Ease of Use
  • material quality
  • The feel of the throttle and lever
  • The lever’s center of gravity changes slightly when you put your hand
  • Reducing your need for a keyboard thanks to the large number of keys it has, especially in simulation games
  • Triple the already large number of keys with three different keybinding modes
  • Have basic plug-and-play support for every game (I’ll explain the scope of ‘basic level’)
  • Leverage alone can be sufficient
  • Price compared to its competitors


  • Design (Personal)
  • Suction cups do not stick to all surfaces
  • Second trigger is too sensitive
  • Price (Although it is ‘affordable’, ‘affordable’ here, Compatibility with competitors. Unfortunately, the price of technological products took off.)
  • Lack of software support

To summarize my experience so far in one paragraph:

monster pusat pro flight stick

The Monster Pusat Pro Flight Stick has never had any issues with any game whatsoever. The only negative experience I had on the set, where I especially liked the feel of the throttle lever, was due to the fact that the lever is very sensitive. from the second button was in favor. I solved my problem by disabling it in game. Apart from that, my favorite feature of the joystick was of course its functionality. We can program the 16 physical keys on the joystick in 3 different modes. In other words, we can have 48 different controls in a game. Now let’s get into the details.

Lever, throttle and keys:

monster pusat pro flight stick

12 programmable on it It has 20 different keys in total. The crowbar, which is actually just by itself, can save your life in most games. Of course, these games do not provide all the controls of the flying vehicle in detail. Arma 3, War Thunder (Arcade modu) ve World of Warplanes Includes games like But DCS: World ve Microsoft Flight Simulator It may be somewhat insufficient in full-scale simulations such as

On the throttle handle, there are 5 programmable keys, one of which is the Mode key that allows you to switch between the presets between the programmable keys, one that can move up and down, and two rotary keys that can rotate on its axis and can assign controls such as trim.

dcs joystick

The feeling of the lever in the set is quite good. While you can provide 360-degree control, you do not encounter any obstacles, the movement is quite fluid. However, rudder control (turning the lever right or left on the vertical axis) is also provided fluently at any angle. As for the lever, there are two points I should mention: