More efficient time management for freelancers – that’s how it really works – eCommerce magazine

Anyone who is allowed to call themselves self-employed or freelance is directly responsible for their monthly income. In e-commerce, too, the work performed is directly reflected in the salary. The desire to use your own time as efficiently as possible and to earn a lot of money in a short time is correspondingly great. But which tips can really be put into practice? We take a close look at all the important aspects in this article.

Divide up the personal workforce

We all only have a certain amount of energy available that we can put into our work each day. As great as the desire may be to swing yourself to the next goals with full power – at some point the natural limits will be reached again. It is all the more important to know exactly the hours of particularly high productivity. For most people, these range from late morning through noon and afternoon. While in a few months we may be able to work a little past our quota, at other times a greater degree of rest is needed. Here it is important to maintain the right balance in order to avoid both insufficient work and burnout.

But the other hours of the day do not have to be wasted for this reason. Rather, there is the opportunity to draw new strength again and again through a clever change. For example, mental work can be followed by more physically strenuous activity. Even with this second task, however, it is still possible to approach the matter with a lot of concentration and a high level of drive. Once you have found your personal pattern for greater efficiency, you can turn this into a permanent and useful routine.

Simplify the organization

But the work of a freelancer is not just about processing orders. On the other hand, there is the bureaucracy and organization of the company, which takes a lot of time. Since these activities are not directly responsible for generating income, it is extremely worthwhile to simplify things here. A grateful example of this is accounting, which many freelancers groan under. These are now also on the Internet Invoice templates for freelancers available, in which only a few personal data have to be entered. In the end, it is easy to achieve great results in a short amount of time.

The use of complete accounting software is also worth considering here. This is because many processes in the company can be simplified in this way. This applies from the purchase of the products to the sale to the booking of the profit. And also with the tax, which has to be done at the end of the year, there is a clear time saving in this way. The more time can then be spent on all those activities that are directly responsible for building up the monthly income and growing the company. Efficiency can be increased in this way.

Maintain an overview thanks to time slots

Working with full focus on a single project? This is often not possible for freelancers. For the correct management of the individual time slots, it is worth creating a weekly plan. This makes it clear when the mental focus has to be on project A and when it is the turn of projects B and C. If, on the other hand, you try to juggle five or more tasks at the same time, you create unnecessary stress. In this case, the law of replacement helps: Before I start something new, the old project must be completely completed.

Avoid procrastination

Each of us is prone to procrastination to some extent. That is why it is so important to always start the day with the most important task. Smaller activities that are a little more fun and less urgent can be used to loosen up.

Others rely on a change of location to get the Procrastination To become master. Focus sessions, for example in a café or the local library, are easier to master outside of your own four walls. If all of this is not enough, there are various practical apps for self-control, which reduce distraction and provide more focus.

Next step towards the company

But how can the urgent tasks be solved as quickly as possible? A sure way to do this is to expand your own business next. Anyone who is able to delegate various things to employees can devote themselves to the crucial priorities. At the same time, there is the possibility of successfully scaling the entire small business and thus also the profit. In this way, the yield always adapts exactly to your own ideas.

For many self-employed, the hiring of the first employee is a very special step. After all, from now on the responsibility is spread over several shoulders. On the other hand, natural growth reaches its limits more quickly if every job has to be done personally by the boss. From this point of view, it can be a very sensible choice to bring more people into the closest circle. In the long term, this conceals the possibility of catching up with the competition in the industry and thus taking the next steps in the right direction.