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  • New report “The New Face of Local” from Uberall shows: Eleven percent more local interactions compared to 2019.
  • Not physical interactions have increased by 35 percent.
  • Interactions in Germany remain constant during the corona pandemic.

All over has now published the results of the report “The New Face of Local”. The report describes how the local customer journey has changed in the wake of the pandemic and digitization. Around 80,000 company locations in Germany, France, Great Britain and the USA were analyzed for the report.

The number of local online search queries increased by eight percent in 2020 compared to the previous year. The proportion of indirect searches continued to rise and comprised 73 percent of all search queries. The number of local interactions in the form of clicks on websites, calls and directions rose globally by a total of 11 percent in the past year.

Customer journey: Increase in website clicks and calls to stores

The reason for the growth is the 35 percent increase in website clicks and calls compared to 2019. In contrast, the number of monthly requests for directions fell from an average of 160 to 143 per location over the past year. In a country comparison, the interactions increased in France and Great Britain in particular (plus 42 percent each), while the number in Germany (plus three percent) and the USA (minus one percent) remained almost constant over the entire period.

“Despite the far-reaching restrictions in the past year and the associated growth in e-commerce, people have interacted with stores in their vicinity more often than before. Our recently released consumer study confirms that this trend is continuing and that 82 percent of consumers will continue to shop locally even after the pandemic, ”said Greg Sterling, VP Market Insight of Uberall.

Customer journey: digital offers make the difference

Depending on the industry, there were sometimes considerable differences in the development of local interactions. Municipal and government organizations recorded the greatest growth with 93 percent. There were also significant increases in services (plus 34 percent), retail (plus 18 percent) and the financial sector (plus ten percent). The gastronomy, entertainment and leisure sectors and, above all, the travel sector recorded the greatest losses.

Contrary to expectations, interactions with companies from the healthcare sector also decreased: Here, the average requests for directions fell by 51 percent, while clicks on websites and calls remained constant. “All in all, sectors that were able to maintain their offers even during the crisis were particularly successful. Many consumers have used services such as Click and Collect and will continue to rely more and more on digital and hybrid services in order to guarantee an optimal customer journey, ”adds Sterling.

Methodology of the study “The New Face of Local”

For the study “The New Face of Local“The performance of the Google My Business profiles from a total of 79,548 medium-sized company locations was analyzed and compared with the previous year. In this context, medium-sized companies include companies that have more than 26 business locations but generate less than $ 500 million in annual sales. With 31,767 business locations examined, the majority of the data set comes from Germany. To improve comparability, the average metrics per entry on Google My Business were calculated to give a concrete idea of ​​the value of local marketing in relation to consumer interactions.

Uberall closes Series C funding round

Uberall announced the successful completion of its Series C financing round of 95 million euros with Bregal Milestone, Level Equity and United Internet. The main aim of the additional capital is to drive corporate growth in the USA and Canada.

With the growth strategy, Uberall was also able to sign a contract to acquire MomentFeed, a provider of proximity search optimization. Thanks to their complementary strengths, Uberall and MomentFeed are able to establish themselves as world market leaders in the field of “Near Me” customer experience solutions. Together, the two companies want to convince omnichannel companies with a unique range of functions and global customer service.

“After a year and a half marked by the pandemic and lockdowns, consumers are finally returning to stores. Right now it is important for companies to be able to meet the growing customer expectations with regard to the physical shopping experience and the associated customer service, ”explains Florian Huebner, co-founder and CEO of Uberall. “The merger of Uberall and MomentFeed will make us the clear market leader. Our customers benefit from innovative and broader-based products, a first-class team and our concentrated expertise in the area of ​​Near Me Customer Journey. ”

Long-term partnership between Uberall and MomentFeed

Everywhere and MomentFeed A long-term business partnership is linked by a shared vision and complementary products. The combined platform will combine Uberall’s industry-leading listing and reputation management tools and Google Local Ads capabilities with the world-class local social media and sentiment analysis capabilities of MomentFeed. This enables omnichannel companies to manage all essential dimensions of the local customer journey with one platform – and thus improve sales and customer satisfaction.

“When the trend from individual solutions to platform solutions began to emerge on the market, we shortlisted several companies. Everywhere was definitely our first choice, ”said Nick Hedges, CEO of MomentFeed. “This merger means an enormous strategic advantage for our customers, who are part of the who’s who of the leading omnichannel companies in the USA. It also accelerates our already high rate of innovation and gives our customers an even greater competitive advantage in the extremely competitive world of near me marketing. ”Nick Hedges will strengthen the management team of Uberall as Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice President North America and in this role Head of Uberall’s North American business unit.

All over With its solutions, e enables you to create a convincing customer experience that includes both online interactions and offline sales. The Near MeCustomer Journey encompasses all of the touchpoints that a consumer has with the physical location of a brand – from searching to reading reviews to buying and finally to brand loyalty. With the Uberall platform, companies can integrate the various touchpoints into a seamless customer experience that generates positive feelings and increases customer satisfaction. (sg)

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