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With the from IAS Technology specially developed for the social media environment, the new Brand Safety offer offers all advertisers a clear plus in terms of transparency and granular control to effortlessly ensure that their ads only appear alongside brand-compliant content TikTok appear.

“In view of the increasing engagement and increasing advertising expenditure on social platforms, our innovative brand safety solution now offers all advertisers more transparency and precision for their campaigns on TikTok,” said Lisa Utzschneider, CEO of IAS. “By partnering with TikTok, we’re delivering the unique and advanced technology marketers need to keep up with this dynamic platform and protect their brand’s reputation.”

Advertising on TikTok – New Brand Safety Solution for In-Feed Video Ads

After a very successful beta phase in the summer of 2021, IAS and TikTok launched the new Brand Safety solution to provide advertisers with industry-leading controls that are in line with the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) categories. With this pre-bid targeting solution, advertisers can now select IAS directly on the TikTok platform to ensure that their campaign runs in the environment of verified, brand-safe and appropriate content. The new solution uses a proprietary frame-by-frame video, audio and text classification technology specially developed by IAS to process large numbers of videos in global, social-in-feed environments. With this technology, advertisers on TikTok can place ads in the “For You Feed” with even greater security. Supported by the powerful machine learning of IAS, this sophisticated, three-step approach goes beyond the creator level and offers a precise rating for individual videos on TikTok.

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with IAS. Our collaboration ensures that brands’ campaigns run alongside verified content on TikTok, ”adds Melissa Yang, Head of Ecosystem Partnerships, TikTok. “The environment in which their advertising appears is very important to our advertisers. With this partnership, we can continue to provide them with additional controls on their brand safety and tools they need to safely reach their audiences. ”

“This partnership between TikTok and IAS is great news for us,” said Celine Largy, Head of Media, L’Oréal France. “TikTok is a key media partner and the ability to ensure optimal brand security is critical as we expand our investments in digital media. We are happy to have participated in the beta program and look forward to the future. ”

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