Mortal Kombat Screenplay Wants To Film Far Cry 3

Greg Russo, screenwriter of Mortal Kombat, which will be released next year, said he wanted to film Far Cry 3. “Which Far Cry game would you like to make a movie?” From a social media follower. Answering the question, Russo said “Far Cry 3”.

One of the most popular fighting games ever Mortal Kombat We learned last year that it would come to the big screen after game consoles. Although no video or trailer has been released yet, many people are eagerly awaiting the release date of the film.

Although there is no new development about Mortal Kombat, the screenwriter of the film Greg Russo, another video game Far Cry 3 He said he could adapt it to the cinema. From a keen fan on Twitter “Which Far Cry game would you like to film?” Answering the question, Russo, “Far Cry 3. Make no mistake. One of the best games ever made and I’ve completed them all. How about Ubisoft?” gave the answer.

Is Far Cry 3 coming to the big screen after Mortal Kombat?

far cry 3

First of all, the answer to this question is very clear “Yes“We can say that there is not, because there is no finalized case. At this point, screenwriter Greg Russo only answers a question from a follower, and nothing is official. However, this is a future one. Far Cry 3 cinema adaptation doesn’t mean we won’t see it.

Ubisoft Montreal Far Cry 3, 8 years ago, developed by 2012 It was released in the year. The game that has been played by millions of players since its first day; He managed to win the admiration of many people with his story, atmosphere and characters. So much so that many people now use Far Cry 3. best game of the series show as.


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Far Cry’s open world element, characters, and overall story seem well suited for the movie adaptation. For this reason, it will not be surprising to see the game in the cinema in the following years.