Mount And Blade II: Bannerlord Mods

Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord, which met with the players on March 30, 2020 after a long wait, has already been enriched with dozens of mods. While some of these modes do not directly affect the gameplay, some of them seriously change the course of the game. There is also a mode on our list that allows you to experience the game with Turkish voiceover.

A local team that developed over many years by Turkey-based TaleWorlds Mount and Blade II: Bannerlordmet with the players on March 30, 2020 after a long wait. Warband, the game of the series before Bannerlord, had become extremely rich in mods. As such, modifications for Bannerlord were inevitable for both the player and the developer.

Although the first year of its debut has not yet passed, we want to contribute to the development of Bannerlord, which already has hundreds of mods in this area. TaleWorlds, mod development tools offered for free. With this released package, a better and free environment for developers has been presented. In this article Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord We will talk about the modes that have been released for the game and increase the game pleasure.

Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord modes:

  • Detailed Character Creation
  • Fast Dialogue
  • Better Time
  • Sound The Alarm
  • Control Your Allies After Death
  • Improved Garrisons
  • Looted Village Interactions
  • DiplomacyReworked
  • RTS Camera
  • Deadly Horse Charges
  • BannerPeasants
  • Battle Size Unlocker
  • Bannerlord Turkish Dubbing-Voice Over

  • Developer: TravisStewart
  • Number of Downloads: 450.000

If you are one of those players who likes to spend long periods on the character creation and editing screen, we recommend you to try this mode. Detailed Character Creation allows you to get more customization for your character by making the character creation screen presented by Bannelord more detailed and comprehensive.

Avoid seeing the same dialogues every time: Fast Dialogue

Fast Dialogue

  • Developer: Dallen1393
  • Number of Downloads: 442.000

Frequently repeated dialogs in many games and extra pop-up screens for these dialogs disturb the players. In Bannerlord, you interact with many NPCs of the same category and seeing the same dialogue screen every time Dallen1393 developed the plugin called Fast Dialogue because you are in a state of affairs. This mod eliminates loading screens that precede all dialog screens in the game. This means faster and smoother gameplay.

In-game time can flow 12 times faster: Better Time

  • Developer: Shemiroth
  • Number of Downloads: 118.000

Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord has an add-on at the bottom of the gameplay panel where we can see the date and time. On the right of this extension, there are buttons that we can intervene in the flow rate of time. Better Time adds a new one beside these buttons so that the flow rate of time is more than 4 times. 12 word rate we can increase.

Receive notifications during attacks or diplomatic developments: Sound The Alarm

Sound The Alarm

  • Developer: TheWulfPanda
  • Number of Downloads: 186.000

As time progresses, Bannerlord has a lot of things to consider diplomatically, when a campus is attacked or in case of war-peace declaration, the job may be too late. Sount The Alarm, developed by TheWulfPanda, in any attack or help you get instant notifications on diplomatic situation.

Control Your Allies After Death

  • Developer: rafaws
  • Number of Downloads: 36.000

If your character dies during the war, it may be inevitable for you to lose the war if the army you have set up is not strong enough. Thanks to this mod named Control Your Allies After Death, after your character dies, taking control of any comrade you can keep fighting. This allows you to change the course of the war clearly.

  • Developer: Sidiess
  • Number of Downloads: 344.000

Managing your army, which will be filled with hundreds of warriors over time, can be a headache after a while. Improved Garrisons allows you to send your army to a zone, train or give orders with several drop-down menus. So that the game and take control of your army it’s getting easier.

Looted Village Interactions

  • Developer: ProgrammingAnlsekai
  • Number of Downloads: 4.000

As in Warband, it is not possible to interact with looted villages in Bannerlord. With the mode called Looted Village Interactions, you can interact with any village that has been looted by others. The mod allows you to help or loot a looted village.

You don’t need to go elsewhere for diplomatic decisions: DiplomacyReworked


  • Developer: Nightmaremen
  • Number of Downloads: 169.000

One of the most functional mods developed for Bannerlord can be DiplomacyReworked. Under normal circumstances, Bannerlord has to go from one region to another for diplomatic transactions. This can cause events that you do not want diplomatically to happen before you can implement your decision. DiplomacyReworked allows you to manage your diplomatic decisions from your own center without going anywhere. In this way, to a kingdom without going anywhere can open war, declare peace or you can vote in voting within the kingdom.

For free camera on map RTS Camera:

  • Developer: LiZhenhuan1019
  • Number of Downloads: 47.000

RTS Camera

Mount and Blade II: BannerlordFor players who do not like the standard camera viewpoint offered by us, the RTS Camera plug-in can be very useful. The RTS Camera allows you to change the standard third-person view of the game and bring it to the shoulder angle of the character you manage or to move the camera freely on the map. This helps you get a more satisfying view during action moments.

  • Developer: Don’t drink
  • Number of Downloads: 71.000

Realistically, if horses weighing hundreds of pounds hit a soldier during the war, it could lead to death. Although this effect is already in the game, the impact damage of the horses is very low. Deadly Horse Charges, if you hit an enemy soldier while on horse does serious damage and he drops it to the ground. This can also be used as an add-on that enhances the reality of the war.

To distinguish your army from others in crowded battles BannerPeasants:


  • Developer: Apastron152e9
  • Number of Downloads: 183.000

The highlight of Mount and Blade games can be crowded open space battles. Although crowded battles are satisfying in terms of action, when the crowd mingles, it can be difficult to distinguish your own soldiers. Thanks to the mode called BannerPeasants, you can give a banner to one of every 10 soldiers in your army. This helps you easily distinguish your own soldiers during the war.

Increase the maximum number of people in battles Battle Size Unlocker:

Battle Size Unlocker

  • Developer: petiti06
  • Number of Downloads: 6.000

Although crowded battles add to the fun of the game, the maximum battle size Bannerlord can offer Limited to 1,000 people case. If you think that your system will not have performance problems in more crowded battles, you can change this limit as you wish with Battle Size Unlocker.

  • Developer: Honor
  • Number of Downloads: 4.300

Next up we have one of the best mods on our list. Onur Ali Sahinled by and Yavuz Selim Scott with Twitch we know Soner ŞahinbaşThis mode, which is included in the vocalization team, allows you to experience Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord in Turkish. For now, the team, which has changed 295 audio files with Turkish voices, will work for more audio files if they are supported. You can reach Onur Ali Şahin and his team from the video above and the link in the title.