Muharrem İnce’s YKS Tweet Was Criticized


Muharrem İnce, who shared a post on his Twitter account to wish success to the young people who will take the exam before the YKS exam, which will take place tomorrow, was criticized for the statement ‘Don’t forget to throw The Last of Us’ in his tweet. The Last of Us has been trending on Twitter 8 years after its debut.

Our country has a very large young population and it is very important for politicians to be able to communicate with young people. Capturing the younger generation and politicians, who want to make them feel that they ‘know and understand’, frequently send messages to young people with their recent Twitch broadcasts and tweets. However, this attitude does not always see the expected response, and even sometimes it can have the opposite effect.

The Chairman of the Country Party, Muharrem İnce, fell into such a situation with a tweet he posted this evening. It will happen tomorrow Before YKS exam Wanting to wish success to the young people, İnce also wanted to send a game in his tweet. However, the tweet posted ‘Don’t forget to throw The Last of Us’ He was the target of criticism arrows because of his statement.

The Last of Us trended on Twitter:

Muharrem Ince YKS

After Muharrem İnce’s tweet that garnered a reaction, The Last of Us, a PlayStation exclusive game released in 2013, entered the trends on Twitter. İnce, probably in his tweet, met with game lovers this time last year. The Last of Us Part II’yi he meant it, but because the game does not have a multiplayer mode ‘The Last of Us atmak’ his rhetoric was a bit strange. Although the multiplayer mode will come to The Last of Us Part II, we can say that it is too early for that yet.

Twitter’da Some reactions to Muharrem İnce’s tweet we have compiled for you. What do you think about this subject? Are you going to throw a Last of Us after the exam tomorrow?

Some reactions to Muharrem İnce’s YKS tweet: