Multi-factor authentication: privacyIDEA released in version 3.4


As part of the new version 3.4, NetKnights is expanding its privacyIDEA, a free software for multi-factor authentication in companies.

With a new function, after a first successful proof of identity, a user can request a second or, if desired, several further inputs of a factor. This can be used, for example, if the guidelines require a new PIN from the user after a certain period of time. In this way, this can be specified directly during the registration process.

Version 3.4 includes a new Script SMS Provider with which companies can send messages. This is primarily intended for SMS services that work via the web, but other programs such as the in-house Jabber server can also be used. Furthermore, the project has expanded the HTTP SMS provider, with which the header can now be adapted to your own requirements.

In addition, it can now be specified that privacyIDEA should only check certain token classes during the registration process. By default, the software compares all tokens offered by the client. In addition, the administrator receives a new dashboard. It should provide all important information about the MFA software at a glance, including the available hardware tokens, references to the guidelines and information about the licenses used.

Finally, companies can now use their own third-party token classes without having to change the software’s code. In addition, there are many minor changes and bug fixes, the readers in the changelog on GitHub understand. privacyIDEA appears as free software under the open source license GNU AGPL v3. Developer NetKnights also offers an Enterprise Edition with commercial support.

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