munich_i: High-tech summit on social issues related to artificial intelligence


Automatica, which it claims is the “leading international trade fair for intelligent automation and robotics”, and the Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MSRM) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) want to host a new and “globally unique” at automatica 2020 in December Launch AI platform. munich_i should “provide answers to economically and socially urgent questions under the motto intelligence empowering tomorrow”. AI and robotics are about to make a quantum leap, explains munich_i director Prof. Dr. Sami Haddadin.

The high-tech summit at automatica from December 8th to 11th focuses primarily on the areas of modern work, health and mobility. Falk Senger, Managing Director of Messe M√ľnchen, is convincedthat automatica is gaining social relevance through the new AI platform: “Together we initiate the debate about the use of technology as a helper for people in the relevant areas of health, work and mobility. With munich_i we (…) bring together what belongs to each other (…) – automatica as the driving force for AI and robotics, on the other hand MSRM as Europe’s leading deep-tech forge. ”

In addition to the high-tech summit on December 8, munich_i offers with AI.Society on over 1,000 square meters what “tomorrow will be a reality in health, work and mobility”. A Robothon competition is designed to demonstrate the skills of the international academic young elite, and visitors to the robot driving license can experience the cooperation between humans and robots themselves, the press release said.

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