Music streaming: Apple Music can be used in the browser

Apple moves to and allows future access to Apple Music through a browser. Previously, the content of Apple's subscription music streaming service could only be used through special apps and programs. Apple has one public beta version of a website for accessing the content of Apple Music released.

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According to Apple, the website can be used in the browsers Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. Even browsers based on Chromium should therefore be usable. The interface in the browser resembles the appearance in the corresponding apps. In addition to the content of the subscription service, synchronized content can also be accessed via the web interface.

In the web version of Apple Music is still no subscription possible, this will be added at a later date. With the provision of a web version, Apple Music can also be used on platforms for which there were no suitable apps or programs.

The competition has been offering this for a long time

Apple follows the competition with this step. Spotify, Amazon and also Google have been offering the possibility to use their music streaming subscriptions in the browser for a long time. For some time, Apple is more open to other platforms. Apple wants to achieve a stronger distribution of its services.

Since mid-August 2019, owners of an Alexa loudspeaker in Germany can also play Apple Music on the device. Alexa tracks, interpreters, playlists, or styles are found on the phone. Earlier this year, Apple Music briefly appeared in the Google Home app as an entry. So far, however, there has been no further information that Apple Music will be released for Google Assistant speakers.