Musk Continues Pessimism on Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is a discipline that today's technology and science world closely examines and develops more and more, but scientists and technology companies seem to be optimistic about artificial intelligence, but there are others who think differently. One of them is Elon Musk. Musk explained with an interesting example that he thinks the difference between artificial intelligence and the capacity of people to think will be too much.

We see or read that artificial intelligence has been used in many different fields from health to justice, or it has been gradually being used in different disciplines. There are those who think that artificial intelligence will make people's lives easier, and that artificial intelligence will bring the end of humanity.

According to Tesla, SpaceX and the CEO of Neuralink, most people look at artificial intelligence in the wrong direction. Speaking at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai with Alibaba CEO Jack Ma, Musk clarified the issue through an interesting example.

Elon Musk: 'Artificial intelligence is much more than understood'

artificial intelligence

Speaking about the future of artificial intelligence, Musk said: “I think people underestimate the capacity of artificial intelligence in general. They think he's some kind of smart person, but artificial intelligence is more than that. He will be smarter than the smartest person. ” said.

Musk deepened the point he touched; he compared the difference between artificial intelligence and human beings between human and chimpanzees. Musk Mi Can a chimp really understand people? Not completely. We sound like weird aliens. They care more about other chimpanzees. We will be like this, neither missing nor more ” used the phrase. Elon Musk is not optimistic about this. “Actually the difference would be great if it was just that small. You'll probably notice much more ” and once again expressed concerns about the future of our species.


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Ne What do you do in such a situation? I am not sure. I hope they have good intentions ” Musk said that's why he founded the Neuralink company and added: Orsan If you can't beat them, you should join them. That's what Neuralink is for. Can we continue with artificial intelligence? ”