mymuesli relies on a sustainable solution


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03/10/2022 – Category: Trade

packaging plantSource: mymuesli

Mymuesli is the first customer in Germany to opt for the installation of the CVP Everest packaging system from Sparck Technologies. Up to 1,100 packages per hour are now produced in the logistics center.

Sparck Technologies has now installed the new automated 3D packaging system CVP Everest in Germany for the first time. The sustainable packaging system is now being used to produce tailor-made shipping boxes at mymuesli. The organic food manufacturer can use the system to produce up to 1,100 custom-fit boxes per hour in its logistics center in Passau.

Mymuesli relies on a sustainable shipping strategy

“As a pioneer in individualized organic food, sustainability has been an integral part of our philosophy since we were founded in 2007. Our goal is to permanently reduce the ecological footprint of our products. The same applies to production, logistics and packaging. Therefore, when developing a more sustainable shipping strategy, we decided to use an efficient and automated packaging system from Sparck Technologies,” explains Philipp Kraiss, co-founder and co-CEO of mymuesli. Smurfit Kappa, a manufacturer of paper-based packaging, made contact with Sparck Technologies.

Mymuesli Kraiss
Philipp Kraiss is co-founder and co-CEO of mymuesli. (Image: mymuesli)

“We are very pleased that a German customer is using a CVP Everest for the first time, after this packaging system, which was launched in 2020, has already been used successfully in several other countries by well-known major mailers. With the perfectly fitting boxes from a CVP Everest, up to 50 percent of the transport volume and up to 30 percent of the corrugated board consumption can be saved. The mymuesli company has set a benchmark for e-commerce in the German-speaking food industry,” emphasizes Claus Weigel, International Senior Sales Manager at Sparck Technologies.

Packaging system enables on-time delivery

Anyone who uses a CVP Everest or a CVP Impack (up to 500 package productions per hour) not only saves money and resources. The high-performance systems also make it possible for end customers to be supplied on time during peak demand and for users not to encounter capacity bottlenecks. To ensure that the ordered goods reach the customer as quickly as possible, two employees place them on the conveyor belt of the CVP solution after they have been removed. Then the automated packaging process runs quickly. The whole process only takes a few seconds. The system automatically cuts, fills, folds, glues, weighs and labels the transport packages.

packaging plant
With the help of the CVP Everest system, Mymuesli can produce up to 1,100 custom-fit boxes per hour in its own logistics center. (Image: mymuesli)

The CVP Everest can produce packaging that fits perfectly because individual or multiple order items can be precisely measured using a 3D scanner. The machine then automatically folds a box of endless corrugated cardboard around the products. There is no need for adhesive tape to close the boxes. Thanks to a special base-cover construction, the cuboid is glued with hot glue. The customer can easily open it at home by perforating the cardboard. As a result, mymuesli can do without around 13,500 adhesive rolls per year. “Just as important as the enormous savings potential in transport volume and corrugated board consumption are the advantages in coping with seasonal or marketing-specific shipping peaks – such as at Christmas time. Thanks to the automated system, the capacities in the shipping area can be easily increased,” says Kraiss.