Name for Mafia Advertisement on Social Media Detained

A person named Baran Kejanlı was reacted by the advertisement he made on his social media account, which is described as “mafia services advertisement”. He was detained by the police from Kejan.

Of Sanliurfa Ceylanpinar A TikTok video shot in the district took its place on the agenda of our country. The platform, which usually comes up with trends or interesting concepts, this time much more controversial hosted a share.

A person who declared his name as Baran Kejan explained the services he provided in a video he shot in a luxury car. In kegan images “Friends are victims, poor people lose their money, helpless on court roads creeping I’m calling out to people. There is only one address that too Baran Kejanlı used the expressions.

baran kejanlı


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According to the information received, the teams of the Şanlıurfa Provincial Police Department Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Branch Directorate, within the scope of the investigation initiated by the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office To catch Kejanlı succeeded. Your real name Hamit A. learned to be It was stated that while the person was detained, the investigation into the incident was continuing.

The sharing made by Kejanlı was the first In TikTok had taken place. Later, this video spread to various social media platforms and people also Dense in response had met. The Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor also initiated an investigation on the issue. It was revealed that Kejanlı had 10 separate criminal records in the first examinations.

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