NASA Chief Says Aliens May Have Made UFOs

Not surprisingly, there may be a link between alien lifeforms and unidentified flying objects caught on military radar, said Bill Nelson, chief of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Nelson also touched upon parallel universe theories and noted that there may be alien forms living in a parallel universe.

This week University of Virginiagoing to NASA head Bill Nelsonattached to the military’s radar unidentified flying objects (UFO) with between extraterrestrial life made some surprising (!) statements regarding a possible connection.

“I’ve talked to these pilots and they know they’re seeing something and their radar is locked on that,” he said. Speaking of Nelson, “And they don’t know what it is. And we don’t know what happened. Here’s whoever has this kind of technology, that there is no competitor in the world We hope.” used the phrases.

“Who am I to say that planet Earth is the only place for a civilized and organized life form like ours?”

UFO attached to army radar

This explanation is interesting enough in itself; but what Nelson’s sequel says is much more than that. interesting. extraterrestrial life forms Stating that the search is a task they are constantly working on, Nelson said, “Who’s there? Who are we? How did we get here? How did we become what we are? How did we evolve? How did we become civilized? And do the same conditions exist in a universe with billions of other suns and billions of other galaxies? “ to understand that very difficult, very big concept stated that.

Nelson, who could not keep his pace, in a parallel universe implying that there may be alien civilizations “Now that there may be other universes theories there is even” said and “If that’s the case, who am I to say that planet Earth is the only place for a civilized and organized life form like ours?” he added.



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Former head of NASA earlier this year Steve Jurczyk also, when asked about the search for alien life in an interview “It’s hard to say. But you know, it’s part of the Mars mission looking for signs of past life, and we detect planets around other stars, right? Along with Kepler and eventually the James Webb Space Telescope and other missions, planets around other stars, exoplanets I want to make it display directly. That’s why we develop what I know there.” by replying, No alien life has yet been found. had stated.