NASA Reveals The Secret Of The Rainbow On Mars

NASA’s Perseverance vehicle previously shared a photo with the Mars sky. “Will there be a rainbow on Mars?” Created by the photo. NASA concluded their discussion.

One of the most popular space works of the last period is the Perseverance mission being carried out by NASA. The surface tool, which was used in this mission and named after the mission, is sometimes sends various images.

In a photo shared by NASA a few days ago rainbow a like structure drew attention. Especially on platforms like Reddit and Twitter, people started to discuss whether rainbows really formed on the red planet. NASA put an end to the controversy.

It’s not a rainbow, it’s a reflection


NASA, on the subject of long debate on the Internet, the Perseverance Mars vehicle from the official Twitter account replied. With this explanation, the structure seen in the image is not a rainbow. lens flare it was understood to be.


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On Twitter share “Many people have asked: Is it a rainbow on Mars? No. It is not possible to have rainbows here. Rainbows are formed by light reflected from water droplets, but there is not enough water to condense here, and the air is too cold to be liquid water in the atmosphere. That belt is a lens reflection. . ” statement took place.

Still, some people refused to admit that this structure was lens reflections, Perseverance said. “This is a lens reflection. Front danger is on my cameras, for the mission. critically considered (I need them to go forward and I usually go forward) have blinds. Blinds are not necessary on my rear hazard cameras, and you can see how light is scattered in the images from those cameras. “ said.


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In the coming days on NASA’s Perseverance mission another important stage will be left behind. With the helicopter-like vehicle called Ingenuity, NASA will also succeed in becoming the first institution to take off a helicopter outside of the world.

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