NASA uses Processor of Years Ago in Perseverance


In Perseverance, the exploration vehicle that NASA recently landed on Mars, it was announced that a processor used years ago was used. So why does NASA choose this processor named PowerPC 750, which gave life to the iMac, which was released in 1998?

US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently launched a critical mission on Mars. NASA, which succeeded in landing the exploration vehicle named Perseverance (Perseverance), which was sent to space months ago, to Mars, will look for traces of whether life on Mars will be possible with this reconnaissance vehicle. The findings to be obtained will also indicate whether there was life on Mars before. important data will provide.

NASA is carrying out such an important task, and the fact that this task takes place in space is makes you think you’re ahead of the curve. After all, it should not be an easy thing to go to the Red Planet, perform autonomous landing, collect data, and transmit this data to Earth. However, it seems that this is not the case. Because NASA is now in Perseverance outdated It turned out that it uses a processor.

Perseverance is powered by the PowerPC 750 used in the 1998 iMac G3


According to a report in New Scientist, NASA is in Perseverance PowerPC 750 used processor. This processor gave life to the Apple iMac G3, which was released in 1998. Well, although NASA offers important features for those years, it is now in the consumer electronics product group not preferred why use this processor?


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PowerPC 750 in single core configuration 233 MHz It offers a very low level of speed. As a result, 8 cores and 5.0 GHz speeds have become standard in processors released today. Naturally, while NASA can make things easier by choosing a much faster processor, it has preferred a processor that was used about 23 years ago. However, there is something special about this processor. This is NASA to take advantage of the special situation He prefers the Power PC 750. However, this is not the only reason.

PowerPC 750

The PowerPC 750, manufactured by Motorola, can use the dynamic prediction feature found in the latest processors today. was the first processor. This feature is being trained to increase processor efficiency and provides predictions for the next process. The more information developers process to the processor, the more right guess the likelihood was increasing to that degree. NASA alone; It does not use the processor used in Perseverance in the design you used above.


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British company working on aviation and defense industry technologies BAE SystemsImplements a special process for the processors that NASA will use. This process is used to ensure that the PowerPC 750 is at a very high level. radiation resistant makes it become. In addition, this processor is also 125 degrees Celsius It can be used at high temperatures such as. This customized PowerPC 750 also “RAD750James LaRosa, one of BAE Systems officials, who made a statement on the subject, said that if such a process is not implemented, the devices that you may break it states.


NASA made some statements about the PowerPC 750 years ago. Matt Lemke In the statements made by, it was stated that this processor is much slower than the processors used in Intel Core i5 or smartphones, but it was said that the issue here is not money or speed. This processor has been used before and in terms of robustness and reliability. that he proves himself Lemke underlined that there is still the question of whether a component used in such projects will work or not. So NASA, 3 billion dollars has preferred to continue on its way with the components it used before, without risking it in space missions.

By the way; The PowerPC 750 is not just used by NASA. Earth orbit and used for different purposes such as GPS, weather, earth surveillance at least 100 satellites it’s processor. On the other hand, used for military purposes PowerPC 750s are also used in satellites. So this kind of choice is not a random decision …

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