Natural Events Will Happen on Battlefield 6’s Map


According to a new claim regarding Battlefield 2021, natural events such as earthquakes and tsunamis will occur on the map of the game. The new Battlefield game is expected to be introduced next May.

California-based video game developer Electronic Arts, popular war game franchise Battlefield’in It has recently confirmed that it will appear before the fans with a new game this year. Following this news, the game is similar to Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 in modern times There were many reports that it would pass. Now, quite impressive claims have been made about the game’s map.

The map of the new Battlefield game, allegedly; many natural phenomena such as earthquakes, tsunamis and storms will host. The source of the allegations comes from a post Tom Henderson made on his Twitter account on April 1, 2021. While many users thought it might be an April 1 joke, Henderson quoted his tweet the next day again, saying that his allegations were not an April 1 joke.

The new Battlefield game may be introduced in May:


Henderson has made some accurate posts about Activision’s Call of Duty games in the past. However, since what is known about the new Battlefield game is very limited for now, we will see the accuracy of its claims over time.

As for the launch date of the game, VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb was released in ‘Gamesbeat Decides’ last March. podcast as the picture of the new Battlefield game Will be introduced in May 2021 had said. Considering that EA announced its past Battlefield games in the second quarter of the year, we can say that this claim seems reasonable.


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Also, Battlefield 6 will not be exclusive to next-generation consoles and PS4 ve Xbox One It is said that it will also exit for consoles. But we have to wait a little longer to see if all these claims are true. Stay tuned to be informed about the developments to be experienced.

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