Nature Conservation Foundation Photo Contest Winner Announced


In this year’s photography contest of the US-based Nature Conservation Foundation, the first place went to a photo of a gorilla looking at butterflies with love or surprise. The photographer who captured this moment was rewarded with a camera set and dozens of photos were awarded in different categories.

Active in 79 countries and regions to take action to protect nature and raise awareness The Nature Conservancyorganized a nature-themed photography contest this year, as every year. There was also a Turkish photographer among the winners of the competition, which can be attended from any country.

Participated with ambitious photographs, the contest had different categories. Regardless of the category, the photo that won the biggest prize of the competition was a photo of a gorilla among dozens of butterflies.

Photographer awarded with $4,000 worth of camera kit

nature conservation foundation photo

The photographer named Anup Shah, who participated in the competition from England, calmly watches the butterflies in the butterfly cloud; He was selected as the overall winner of the competition by photographing a gorilla with an affectionate expression. US songwriter, composer and photographer Ben Folds, who was on the jury of the competition; Commenting on the photo, she said, “I love photos that draw people in. Is it tolerance or joy on the gorilla’s face? It’s hard to identify, and butterflies attract you.” used the phrases. photo of gorilla He left behind 100,000 candidates.

Sebnem is enthusiastic


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Photographers from many countries participated in the competition and Turkey was among these countries. Şebnem Coşkun photographed the pollution in the seas caused by the wastes of medical products, the use of which has increased with the pandemic. This photograph, He was chosen 3rd in the ‘Man and Nature’ category.