Naughty Dog: "A more experienced team would have finished The Last of Us 2 long ago"

Shortly before the release of the action game The Last of Us 2, there are reports of poor working conditions at the developer studio belonging to Sony Naughty dog. The Kotaku magazine reports regarding anonymous sources about excessive overtime, great pressure and poor leadership. Some of the developers would have said that at least some of them wanted The Last of Us 2 to flop – so that management could finally change the working atmosphere.

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On Twitter now has Jonathan Cooper, who until recently was the lead animator at Naughty Dog, described his view of things in a multi-part article. Cooper writes that his department usually worked around 46 hours a week – he doesn't find that much, especially since he never came over 55 hours.

In other departments it was worse. The gameplay animators sometimes needed massive overtime for weeks, so a friend of his ended up in the hospital. In his hometown of Los Angeles, Naughty Dog had such a bad reputation because of the working conditions that it was impossible to find good freelancers to help out.

In addition, there was the problem that many of the internal developers were very good, but also young and inexperienced. The relationship between senior and junior employees was not right, which is why a lot of time was needed for further training. "A more experienced team would have released The Last of Us 2 a year earlier"Cooper is convinced.

The developer continues to write that "the game will be great" and "industry-leading animations" will offer. Cooper does not advise anyone to work at Naughty Dog before the studio improves its dealings with its employees.

The Last of Us 2 is scheduled for May 29, 2020 for Playstation 4. In the campaign, players, like the predecessor released in 2013, fight together with the main heroine Ellie against infected people. Five years after the first part, she settled in Wyoming with her older companion Joel.

When an act of violence undermines peace, Ellie travels back to the big city. One of the differences between The Last of Us 2 and the first part is that many trips are done on horseback instead of on foot.

Unlike in the first part, there will only be the campaign, but no multiplayer mode. According to the developers, they started to produce an online mode, but then decided to start with, only that "enormously extensive single player campaign" to publish. The story is so long that the commercially available version appears on two discs.

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