Nayip Bukele Excited Bitcoin Lovers


El Salvador President Nayib Bukele shared a video on Twitter using the energy of the country’s active volcanoes to power BTC mining rigs. The video made the Bitcoin community quite excited.

Nayib Bukele, President of El Salvador; At a geothermal power plant that harnesses the energy of the country’s active volcanoes via Twitter. BTC He shared a short video showing the mining rigs starting to work.

Bukele, who does not reveal how many machines are currently online or how much energy is allocated for BTC mining works, said that the project is a part of the project. “Volcanode” He stated that he had taken the first steps towards becoming one.

The video garnered mixed reactions on social media:

Here's to watching

Some of this news “wonderful” while some users also “It was hard to imagine a headline like this a few months ago.he underlined. A user on Reddit is El Salvador’s “It is on its way to become the richest country in the world”what he suggested.

Some confused users said that they learned today that there are volcanoes in El Salvador and that they are mining Bitcoin with them.

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