NBC's Streaming Service Will Rival Peacock Netflix

NBC's streaming service Peacock is expected to be available in April 2020. The new service, designed as a competitor to Netflix, will broadcast for $ 5 per month and will feature live TV.

US publishing company NBC Peacock's streaming service, which will be launched in April next year, has created a stir. Starting at a monthly fee of $ 5 Peacock There will also be live TV programs.

Netflix to Peacock, which is expected to be a competitor, wants to distinguish itself from other platforms with its cheap price. $ 5 membership will be limited advertising, and $ 10 membership will be returned to the user as an ad-free service.

Peacock will deliver 15,000 hours of content per month, including Saved By The Bell, Battlestar Galactica and Punky Brewster It is said that the conversion will take place again. Peacock's content includes news, sports, midnight shows and reality shows. However, resources, 2020 the Olympics they will not be included in the package.

The dilemma of NBC


from NBCUniversal Steve Burkeis a free and advertised membership option, but this package the Office content is inaccessible. Even though Peacock's release date is unclear Engagement 2020 It is estimated to be around.

However, it is stated that NBC faces a dilemma. OTA Anyone using the antenna NBC channel, at least the basic functions free as you have the chance to watch. NBC, to create a fan base for new programs, moreover 5 dollar He thinks it is possible with such a figure and that he can make money from here.


Another Competitor to Netflix: NBCUniversal Joins Among Broadcast Platforms

Another possible reason why NBC has set a $ 5 fee is itself CBS AllAccess equalize with. GIS All-Access includes the standard contents of GIS as well as Star Trek: Discovery is a platform that hosts original streaming content such as.

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