Near and far, romantic and modern: The pictures of the week (week 21)


The cover picture shows the view of the upper Isar valley, which is considered to be the last wild river landscape in Germany. Photographer Cyril Gosselin titled his photo Bairisch Kanada and thus indicates that the area is becoming increasingly forested due to the water management, despite the raging water masses. This creates a touch of Canada in the middle of Bavaria.

Thomas Hucker stages modern architecture in his picture of the day. The photo is based on the Überseequartier underground station, which opened in 2012 in Hamburg’s HafenCity. It fascinates with its clear lines and strict symmetry. In contrast, the photo shows Power of romance Bernd Seibel shows a section of the Sacre Coeur church in Paray-le-Monial. This late Romanesque building is one of the church highlights in Burgundy and, with its harmonious lines and transitions, has a completely different kind of architectural size.

In the picture of the day from Sunday, Gerhard Schappe carefully approaches the nest box in his own garden to portray a newly hatched redstart with its shaggy head of hair – the title: I have to go to the hairdresser. Christian Nagel dives into the world of distant galaxies with a telescope and camera to bring us closer to the fascination of the Orion Nebula (M42).

When browsing through our selection of images, you will come across other opposites, have fun.

“The 2012 opened Überseequartier underground station In Hamburg’s HafenCity, I am fascinated by its clear lines and strict symmetry, ”writes Tobias Hucker about his picture of the day. “I find the interplay of space and flatness in the eastern stairwell photographically attractive, which I emphasize with a central camera position and the use of a strong wide-angle lens. When realizing the recording, I was helped by the low passenger frequency during the lockdown – a brief moment in which neither people nor subways could be seen in the picture was not long in coming. ”
Nikon Z 6 | 20 mm | ISO 100 | f/8.0 | 0,6 s
(Image: Tobias Hucker)

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