Neato Botvac D6 Connected Test: Perfect pathfinder thanks to laser


Laser navigation, control via app and good battery life – with these attributes, the vacuum robot Neato Botvac D6 Connected wants to convince in the test. If that works?

Neato's Connected range includes models D3, D4, D5 (review), D7 (review), and D6, which we'll look at here. The D4 Connected (review) we recently found that the basis of the models is largely identical, however, Neato has artificially curtailed the cheaper models. This is apparently the same with the Botvac D6 Connected, which is identical in terms of hardware with the top model of the series, the Botvac D7 Connected (review). There are minimal differences in design and software, but does that justify the hefty price increase of the D7 or is the D6 in the test the better choice?

Visually, the D6 model hardly differs from the D4 Connected. Like all robots in the series, the manufacturer relies on a D-shape, while the competition mainly builds round robots. The D-shape allows a particularly wide brush and a correspondingly large suction area. In addition, at least in theory, the bot comes better in room corners as a round model. The biggest difference to the D4 Connected is the material selection of the top of the robot. The more expensive D6 model also uses only plastic, but the upper side at least halfway looks like brushed metal.