Neckar-Odenwald-Kreis: Glass fiber expansion started in difficult times

The Neckar-Odenwald district in the north of Baden-Württemberg wants to expand 27 cities and municipalities with FTTH / B (Fiber To The Home / Building) with broadband coverage (BBV) Germany. That gave the BBV subsidiary BBV Neckar-Odenwald announced on April 3, 2020. By 2024, the entire district would be expanded across the board on an economic basis.

Job market

  1. ITEOS, Freiburg, Heilbronn, Stuttgart, Ulm
  2. Interxion Deutschland GmbH, Dusseldorf

"If the past few days and weeks have clearly shown one thing, it is that a powerful telecommunications infrastructure is simply indispensable, especially in times of crisis."said district administrator Achim Brötel. So far, fiber has only been up to the distribution boxes. In the future, however, the cables should be routed directly into every building (FTTB / H).

BBV managing director Manfred Maschek explained that the prerequisite for this was the willingness of the property owners to cooperate. In any case, you need a certain minimum quota of preliminary contracts. For this, however, BBV will then lay the fiber optic up to 10 meters into the respective property free of charge.

The district association of the community day had made statements from the cities and communities that they wanted to participate in the expansion project. According to the BBV, further discussions are currently underway as to where the expansion should begin and how the project can be rolled out to the entire district.

According to its own statement, BBV wants to guarantee open access so that access to the BBV network is also non-discriminatory, open and transparent for other providers. As soon as the situation permits it, people want to hold information gatherings in the cities and municipalities and approach individual property owners.

BBV is a cooperation between the Dutch Bouwfonds (Rabobank), the indirectly state-owned Chinese network supplier ZTE and the broadband service (BBV) Rhein-Neckar.

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