Netflix Cancels Sci-Fi Series Altered Carbon


The science fiction series Altered Carbon, which has been widely talked about with Netflix’s high budget and has been broadcast for 2 seasons so far, has been canceled. Variety confirmed the cancellation decision.

Science fiction series that received great acclaim with the first season of Netflix Altered Carbon, came out with its second season last February. The third season of the series, which is far below expectations with its second season, will not come. Variety According to the verification by Richard K. MorganThe series, based on the novel of the same name, was canceled due to Netflix’s failure to meet the watch-cost ratio.

In the first season Joel Kinnaman, in the second season Anthony Mackie The series, which depicts the adventures of Takeshi Kovacs, is set in a universe where people can change bodies and thus live forever.

Cancellations started to increase on Netflix

Last week, due to the increased health and safety costs due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Netflix “The Society“And”I Am Not Okey With ThisIt was announced that the TV series had been canceled. After these cancellation decisions, a cancellation is also a science fiction series that can be produced with very high budgets Altered Carbon seems to have come for.


First trailer arrives from Netflix’s Altered Carbon anime Resleeved

In the first season game of ThronesWith a budget higher than the first 3 seasons of Altered Carbon, he gained a solid fan base with his successful visual effects, acting and interesting story. In the second season, he could not reach an audience that could meet his high budgets due to the change of the lead actor and his story. Considering the number of viewers and the cost ratio for a new season of a series to come, Netflix seems to have unplugged Altered Carbon. So is it the right decision for Netflix to cancel Altered Carbon? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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