Netflix Statement by RTÜK: Decision Is Very Good


RTÜK Vice President İbrahim Uslu, Netflix’s decision to open an office assesses Turkey. Ibrahim Uslu said the decision is far from over, Spotify, Amazon Prime videos, Mubi and platforms such as Deezer also invited to open offices in Turkey.

In a news we shared with you yesterday, Netflix Founder We talked about some of Reed Hastings’s statements. Hastings, announced the scope of this disclosure, they decided to open an office in Turkey, this decision was welcomed by the Turkish authorities. Now, there has been a new development on this subject. RTÜK Vice President İbrahim Uslu evaluated Netflix’s decision on Twitter.

RTÜK was one of the most discussed institutions regarding Netflix. However, in the steps taken so far, Netflix, with RTÜK not to confront He took care. In fact, the last indicator of this situation was the decision to open an office. If İbrahim Uslu is, the decision made by Netflix you are very right He invited other platforms to make the same decision.

“I invite our other stakeholders to Turkey for stronger cooperation”

Netflix Turkey OfficeNetflix İstanbul Ofis

Reminding that a new application was put into effect on 1 August 2019, Uslu has since with both domestic and foreign platforms He stated that significant progress has been made. Emphasizing that Netflix is ​​one of these platforms, RTÜK vice president said that the decision to open an office after the license decision was very appropriate. Uslu decisions taken by Netflix to Turkey that you trust a clear indicator.


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Turkey’s second most number of exporting countries, saying that Ibrahim Uslu, Turkey’s cultural and geographic features for content producers on a large that the source expressed. In this context, Amazon Prime Video, Deezer, Spotify and behave like Mubi Addressing the platform, this platform is also invited Turkey, so that more strong He stated that collaborations could be made.