Netflix Tests Play Speed ​​on Android


Netflix, the online series and movie viewing platform, is preparing to incorporate the ‘playback speed’ feature already in many video-focused services. Currently only tested on Android, the feature allows you to change the flow rate of the content you are watching.

In his library, the series, films and documentaries, a major blow to traditional television culture Netflix, the original programming, as well as the functionality of the platform attaches great importance.

Serving more than 151 million paid subscribers worldwide, the service is for those who want to consume the most content in the shortest possible time ‘Playback speed’ feature working on. The first clues to this feature were recently revealed by a user's tweet. Netflix, which will finally add the long-awaited playback speed to the platform, Tests on Android platform continues.

Playback speed

Netflix users, new feature speed together Upgrading to 1.25x or 1.5x with deceleration up to 0.5x or 0.75x option. If you want to see a scene in slow motion, learn a new language, or want to assimilate everything said, this will be an invaluable feature for you.


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Netflix’s YouTube Many video-oriented services, especially the lack of playback speed feature, was criticized by many users. The US company, which finally responded to the calls made on this issue, soon announced its new feature. Android, iOS, website, Android TV and other platforms.