Netflix’s Minnoşlar Film Has Been Defendant in the USA

A lawsuit was filed in the US state of Texas for the Minnoşlar movie released by Netflix in recent months and accused of showing young children as sexual objects. The plaintiff sued the movie Minnoşlar for “immoral depiction of children”.

Netflix’s cause of much controversy all over the world Minnoches We continue to see new steps from various countries regarding the movie. Last month RTÜK Turkey removed the Netflix catalog by Cuties (Minnoş’s) film, and now it was sued in the US state of Texas.

Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services in the past months, 11 year old boy In the promotion of the movie Minnoşlar, in which he starred, “A boy who challenges family traditions by discovering his femininity‘Appears as a children’s movie by drawing attention to the promotion, but NetflixHe announced that he started an investigation because it introduced a +18 limitation.

The poses of the little girls on the posters of the movie were also the subject of discussion. RTÜK hand tossed and the film had been banned from entering the representation in Turkey.

Minnoş are also sued in the USA

on the response from Turkey it continues to come from many countries, film criticism published in the world. The Minnoşlar movie, which tells the story of a girl participating in a twerk dance team, was last in the USA “immoral depiction of childrenHe was sued in the state of Texas on the grounds.

In the indictment filed on September 23, Netflix’s “without serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value“While it was announced that he promoted, distributed and exhibited a movie, a person under the age of 18 in the film”depicted to appeal to sexual interestThe information was included.

Netflix denies the allegations

Netflix denies all these allegations. “Sins is a social commentary against the sexualization of young children. This accusation is unfair and we stand by the movieExplaining as NetflixHad updated the description and visual of the film on August 20th.


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A Netflix spokesperson who made a statement on the subject said “BThis is an award-winning movie and a powerful story about the oppression young girls face on social media and in society at large. We invite everyone who cares about these issues to watch the movie.”Used expressions. Although some time has passed since the release of the movie, the reactions to Netflix continue. Minnoches The number of people who canceled their Netflix subscription when the movie was released increased 5 times.

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