Netflix’s Spotify Series Will Be Released


With the release of the ‘Spotify’ series, one of the most curious works of Netflix in the last period, it has become clear which actors will take the lead and side roles. There is also a Swedish actor of Turkish origin in the cast.

The world’s largest online series and movie streaming platform. Netflix, the world’s largest online music service SpotifyHe is already working on a series that will focus on the establishment of . . and his fight against technology giants. had announced. Now, it has been determined when the series will appear in front of the audience.

Spotify’s two founders Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, with the latest statements they have made, that the production work of the said production continues; directory 2022 It will be published worldwide in the year. Moreover, it has been determined who we will watch as the leading and supporting actors in the series.

netflix spotify

According to the statements made, we know from the Vikings series. Edvin Endrewill portray Daniel Ek as Spotify CEO and co-founder. Swedish actor Ulf Stenberg, Per Sundin, former Universal Music Sweden executive and early Spotify supporter; Swedish actor of Turkish origin, whom we know from Love & Anarchy Gizem ErdoganPetra Hansson, one of the architects of Spotify’s free subscription system; Joel L├╝tzow, eski Spotify CTO’su Andreas Ehn’i; The Last Kingdom’dan Christian Hillborg will play Spotify’s other co-founder, Martin Lorentzon.

As Netflix adapts Spotify’s story to the series, Jonas Leijonhufvud’s ‘Spotify UntoldHe states that he was inspired by his book ‘. Netflix, in order to avoid criticism about the content, ‘the story’fictional‘ is labeled. Spotify had destroyed the old system where songs and albums were sold one by one with a paid subscription system. Therefore, in the production Apple We will witness how Spotify fights with technology giants and music companies as it comes to its current position, especially Spotify. Considering that the series will be published in 2022, we can say that we will not see a trailer anytime soon.

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