Netherlands: 5G attacks on cell towers again


There have been several attacks on cellular towers in the Netherlands in the past week, such as the daily De Telegraaf reported in its April 11 issue. The newspaper relies on official information from the Monet Association. In the Netherlands, this coordinates the erection of appropriate radio towers in individual municipalities and localities on behalf of the mobile operators.

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As the newspaper reports, there were arson attacks on the supply lines of the towers in Liessel, Beesd, Rotterdam and Nuenen. In another accident in Groningen, arson is also suspected as the cause of the failure.

According to Rob Bongelaar from Monet, a protest against the 5G mobile communications standard is accepted as the reason for the acts of sabotage. The lettering was therefore found on one of the transmitters "Fuck 5G". Monet puts the damage done at possibly tens of thousands of euros.

Bongelaar said that the total loss of mobile communications in the meantime was much worse than the monetary damage. The connections are imperative for hospitals, nursing homes or even the emergency number 112. There has been a growing protest against 5G expansion in the Netherlands since last year. There have never been acts of sabotage or arson. According to De Telegraaf's report, the Counter Terrorism Unit in the Netherlands (NCTV) has investigated the cases.

About a week ago there were similar reports of arson attacks on cell towers in the UK, which are also linked to 5G expansion. Many conspiracy theories circulate about the technology, according to which the standard causes cancer or accelerates the spread of Sars-Cov-2. However, there is no scientific evidence for this.

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