Network storage: Amazon Cloud prohibits encrypted backups by NAS


Anyone who operates NAS systems with proprietary backup software in connection with Amazon’s cloud service must consider another solution by November 1, 2020 at the latest. Amazon has emailed Synology network storage users that support for the two Synology functions Cloud Sync and Hyper Backup will be discontinued at this point in time. Other manufacturers such as Qnap are also affected in principle.

The change is relevant for users who save redundant backups in the Amazon cloud or who share photos via multiple devices, such as smartphones. The advantage of third-party software such as Synology was the encryption that Amazon does not offer for its own apps.

The provider recommends affected NAS owners to use their own apps such as Amazon Photos or Amazon Cloud Drive to load the files unencrypted into the cloud. The problem: Amazon doesn’t offer native apps for NAS systems like Synology. Only an Android emulation would be conceivable as a workaround.

The end of support apparently comes from Amazon: The provider has the Terms of Use for Amazon Web Services Changed several times this year and has stopped disclosing its own APIs. Without this, NAS systems can no longer automatically upload (or download) data to the server.


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