Nevada wants to cede local government power to tech companies – including the court

Jeffrey Berns wants to create a blockchain city in Nevada in which he is in charge: taxes, schools, police, fire departments, local regulations, and should be determined by his company Blockchains, LLC – even the local court. Berns has already bought 270 square kilometers of land, as has a bank in Las Vegas. She should finance the project. Berns has also secured political support.

Nevada’s Governor Steve Sisolak of the Democratic Party has announced the introduction of “innovation zones”, in each of which a company is supposed to exercise the power that counties otherwise hold. Sisolak has already had a corresponding draft law drawn up. The newspaper Las Vegas Review-Journal has read the not yet public draft.

Accordingly, Sisolak believes “alternative forms of local government” are necessary to support Nevada’s economic development. The current system is “in itself inadequate to provide the flexibility and resources that would help the state (Nevada) lead in attracting and retaining new forms and types of business.”

Therefore, companies that invest in blockchains, autonomous systems, the Internet of Things (IoT), robots, artificial intelligence, radio technology, biometrics and renewable resources should soon be allowed to set up and operate local authorities themselves. In return, they should pay an industry-specific tax. And Nevada would have an alternative to subsidies and tax rebates and business-friendly liability rules to attract investors.

The prerequisite is that the company owns at least 200 square kilometers of as yet undeveloped land with no residents and at least 250 million US dollars (currently 207 million euros). In addition, the company should commit to investing one billion dollars within ten years. The company would have to report to Nevada’s parliament every two years. After a while, state power would be transferred from the existing county to the company.

Blockchains, LLC., Is said to be the first profiteer, according to Governor Sisolak. Republicans also signal approval. Company founder Berns has given politicians on both sides donations, reports the review journal. On the part of a county politician, there is a demand for compensation for loss of territory, but otherwise also support.

In Florida, Walt Disney was able to establish the Reedy Creek Improvement District reach, now home to Disney World. There only landowners are eligible to vote – all of them high officials of the Disney group. The power of Disney does not go quite as far as planned in Nevada. The corporate security service may “only” punish corporate employees. Disney pays neighboring police forces for the rest of the police work; Disney also has no jurisdiction.


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