New Accessibility Features for Android from Google


Google has released new accessibility features for the Android platform due to the World Accessibility Awareness Day. These innovations include the Google Assistant powered Action Blocks app, which allows customized buttons to be created for actions like playing music or calling someone.

Celebrated since 2012 World Accessibility Awareness Daydraws attention to the digital problems faced by people with physical and mental disabilities in their daily lives. Giant companies like Apple, Google and Facebook incorporate various accessibility features into their platforms so that every individual can benefit from the opportunities of technology.

Not being indifferent to the World Accessibility Awareness Day this year. GoogleVery important for the Android platform accessibility features published. Each of these features is very valuable for people with disabilities. For example; Action Blocks The application, called "Music Player", allows you to create customized buttons for tasks that can be challenging for people with intellectual disabilities such as searching for a guide.

Action Blocks, powered by Google Assistant, allows using some functions with voice commands

action blocks

Google Assistant Action Blocks, powered by, also allows you to use your voice for some functions. After installing Action Blocks, you can set up commands by choosing from a list of predefined actions or typing yourself. Since it works with Google Assistant, you can write anything you want with your voice. After testing that the function you added is working successfully, you can also set it as a button on the home screen. Let's also say that you can put your own custom icon on this button.

Google is one of the most beloved Android apps. Live TranscribeHas also renewed. The application, which automatically translates speech and converts it into written text, allows you to record certain words that the transcription engine might not recognize, especially a name or technical term that is difficult to transcribe.

Live Transcribe automatically translates speech and converts it to written text

Live Transcribe


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Live Transcribe already offered the ability to save transcriptions locally, but now Googlefinally gives them the opportunity to search by keyword. The company says search data will be stored locally on your phone instead of Google servers. Finally, Live Transcribe also makes the phone vibrate when your name is pronounced in an environment. Simply enter your own name or a word of your choice. This feature is very valuable for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Video posted by Google about the Action Blocks app

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