New Anime From John Wick’s Author to Netflix: Splinter Cell


Derek Kolstad, creator of the John Wick series, takes over an anime project that is a new partnership of Netflix and Ubisoft. A Splinter Cell animation will be produced for Netflix.

Splinter CellIs considered one of the most successful games of Ubisoft. In the world of the game, the Black-Ops episode of NSA is known for getting only the best of the best. This episode also has a legend: the main character of the games is Sam Fisher.

On the other hand, Splinter Cell is not Ubisoft Tom clancyBelongs to. Clancy has given the firm the right to play the games of the brand it has. Four published in addition to 7 games released from the company so far Splinter Cell There is also a novel. These works now also anime series Added.

Splinter Cell animation coming to Netflix

splinter cell

The author of the anime, which will be specially prepared for Netflix, John Wick with a signature under the series Derek Kolstad Will perform. Kolstad will also be the executive producer of the series.

According to Cariety, the green light is on for the first two seasons of the series. This in total 16 episodes means. Thus, the brand is expected to become popular again. Although this strategy is not new, it indicates that we will see some movement in the series at least.


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Splinter Cell was at the center of rumors

splinter cell

Also in the past Splinter Cell There were many different rumors about the brand. ubisoft has made it clear that it wants the brand to make a big comeback. However, according to the statements made last year, a new Splinter Cell game is not developed.


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The first game in the series In 2002 It was published. Who is on duty in the special forces in the U.S. Navy Sam fisherAfter being admitted to the mysterious unit called Third Echelon, we had many different enemies and a lot of conspiracy theories.

Since 2012 a Splinter Cell construction is planned. Ton Hardy is also expected to play the role of Sam Fisher in that production. On the other hand, thanks to the new anime series, the story of the movie that can not be shot in some way can be told.