New app brings customer experiences to retail


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The new mobile-first app gStore optimizes the efficiency, personalization and experience of retail stores using artificial intelligence.

  • The new mobile-first app gStore optimizes the efficiency, personalization and experience of retail stores using artificial intelligence.
  • Be with the app Branches to online fulfillment centers using the store inventory.

GreyOrange, provider of a fulfillment platform, presents gStore. The mobile app harmonizes the digital and local retail experiences. The app makes it easy to create personalized store experiences while using store inventory to process online orders. gStore was first presented at the Retail Industry Leader Association presented in February 2022 in Dallas, Texas.

With gStore, GreyOrange has leveraged its heritage of fulfillment innovation to create an intuitive app for store managers and staff. Retailers can use gStore to improve their inventory tracking and counting and optimize their stores’ integration into omnichannel fulfillment networks. At the same time, they offer the store’s customers technology-enabled and personalized experiences. The solution can be implemented within two weeks and with low upfront costs.

Greater efficiency and more sales with gStore – online and in store

The app allows retailers to increase commitments for same-day or next-day delivery by using store inventory to process online orders. Orders that are picked up locally or shipped from branches close to the customer reduces shipping and transport costs. In their stores, retailers can accelerate stock turnover and avoid sales and out-of-stocks by receiving real-time information on stock levels, visitor flows, best-selling items, trending items and replenishment needs, as well as digital instructions that help customers to find suitable items .

Customer experiences decide on the digital transformation of retailers

“We concur with the findings of Gartner’s Retail Digital Transformation and Innovation Primer for 2022 study, which found that the digital transformation of local businesses is the way to fight and win the digital commerce battle,” said Akash Gupta, CTO of GreyOrange. By 2022, 73 percent of retailers will increase their investments in in-store technology. According to Gartner research, “Improving the retail experiences consumers love must become an essential part of retailers’ digital transformation if they are to survive and thrive.”

Stores play a key role in creating a differentiating shopping experience and brand advantage, and in-store sales are critical to maintaining profitability. However, the ongoing shortage of staff requires a rethink of how technology and people work together.

gStore streamlines order and inventory organization

“With gStore, we have packed the future of stores into an app. Today, store operators have to work with five to six applications in parallel to get their jobs done. gStore solves this problem. The app works with existing retail systems to organize real-time order and inventory data and orchestrate work processes. AI-based cloud software assigns and controls tasks in real time based on numerous variables,” explains Akash Gupta.

gStore includes both a tablet-based store operations app for store and area managers and a smartphone app for store associates. The tablet app provides a real-time view of inventory, omnichannel tasks and backend store activity, while the staff app can be used to organize replenishment, omnichannel orders, pickups and customer care. This means that customer inquiries can be answered more quickly and with more information. The solution can be deployed across multiple stores to provide retailers and customers with a unified view of store inventory.

The gStore Manager dashboard displays a real-time overview of all processes within a store on tablets. (Image: GreyOrange)

One of the core functions of the gStore backend is the ability to integrate and process real-time data from Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as RFID readers, digital labels, cameras or smart mirrors. Furthermore, gStore integrates data from existing retail systems to improve day-to-day operations and inventory decisions in stores. gStore features address four retail needs:

1. Accurate, real-time inventory data and in-store fulfillment

This allows retailers to leverage in-store inventory for same-day or next-day online orders, avoiding out-of-stocks and sales. In addition, customers in the branches receive more detailed information on the availability and location of the items. Store inventory overview and layout guides help associates better serve customers, close sales, and generate more sales.

2. Superior workforce management with gStore

An AI controls assignment and tracking of tasks. This allows stores to increase the number of Buy Online Pick-Up-In-Store (BOIPS) and Ship-from-Store (SFS) orders. And all this without hiring additional staff or impairing the service for customers on site. Tasks are organised, assigned and tracked based on real-time factors such as the number of employees, the volume of customers or the number of online orders to be processed.

3. Exceptional store experiences

A smooth digital checkout, virtual fittings and intelligent changing rooms combine digital and physical experiences. Customers are thus supported in their decisions. In smart fitting rooms, customers can digitally request additional items or sizes and have a pleasant shopping experience with the tap-and-go checkout.

4. Store visualization and analytics with gStore

Real-time analytics and spatial data support planogram compliance and ensure on-floor inventory is replenished. Merchants can optimize item positioning based on real-time demand. In this way, they can avoid sales, prevent gaps in the shelves and secure profit margins. AI-supported instructions and data provide information on how customers interact with the goods and make purchasing decisions in the store.

The gStore subscription price as Software as a Service is scalable and depends on the number of users. Little upfront investment is required. Deployment can occur within two weeks depending on factors such as the number of stores, items, and users.

GreyOrange is a provider of software and mobile robotics solutions. With the help of artificial intelligence, order processing in warehouses can be modernized and warehouse operations optimized in real time. The Fulfillment Operating System is a fully integrated software solution. This evaluates order data in real time using the findings from the fulfillment. This efficiently orchestrates the collaboration between employees and robots. This results in flexible and precisely coordinated processes that meet customer expectations in modern retail. (sg)

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