New Decision from Apple for Services such as Netflix, Spotify

From now on, Apple will start offering an in-app sign-up option for monthly subscription-based services like Spotify and Netflix. Users will be able to register for such platforms directly through the applications available on the App Store, without being stuck with Apple’s 30% commission.

So far, iOS users have access to platforms such as Spotify or Netflix. registration via the app it was not possible. In fact, Netflix offers users who want to register for the first time through the application. “We know it’s a bit of a hassle, but you can’t sign up for Netflix through the app” was giving the message.

Apple, which forced platforms to do such a thing because of the 30% commission it applied in the App Store, decided to take a step back. The tech giant offers users-only “reader developers” like Netflix, Amazon Kindle and Spotify.They let me put a link from the application that can lead to the registration page. allowed.

Apple is making this move to close an investigation by the Japan Fair Trade Commission, which has been monitoring it for three years.


As you know, Apple because of the commissions it puts on in-app purchases especially with application developers such as Epic Games had discussions. While the technology giant is eagerly awaiting how to take a step back, the company To close an investigation by the Japan Fair Trade Commission decided to make such an innovation for reader applications.

Applications in the reader category of Apple, such as Spotify, Amazon Kindle and Netflix from 2022, In order for users to register for the first time, they can register on the registration page on their website from within the application. can direct. Thus, it will be possible to register for the application on iOS for the first time, which was once impossible. Apple also stated that the data of users who click on the external link that these companies put into practice will be protected.

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