New Distance Education Statement by Ziya Selçuk

Ziya Selçuk, Minister of National Education, answered questions about how schools will continue during the pandemic process in the program he attended. Stating that the decision to close the schools again is under evaluation, Minister Selçuk made statements about the measures to be taken in the continuation of the pandemic.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak distance education has been continuing intermittently for more than 1 year. Currently, most of the middle and high school students continue their education face-to-face. Some are satisfied with the situation, some are students who complain; He is waiting for an explanation from the authorities about the possibility of schools closing again.

After a curious process Minister of National Education Ziya SelçukHe answered many questions on this subject in the program he attended on Habertürk channel. Answering the questions of Nagehan Alçı and Muharrem Sarıkaya, Ziya Selçuk made a statement that the schools will be closed again. According to Selçuk’s statements, the decision to switch to distance education, To be implemented by President Erdogan next week.

The situation is evaluated with the Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee

Banj Selçuk distance education explanation

Speaking at the program moderated by Kübra Par, Ziya Selçuk tried to calm the curiosity of students and parents with the following statements:

“As of March 2, there was a decision-making period in place. Governorships take their measures at the provincial level. Except for 9 provinces, there was a closure in education and training in secondary schools and high schools. There was also a closure in primary schools such as Yalova and Eskişehir. The upcoming process is of course fully evaluated at the cabinet meetings under the chairmanship of our President, and the situation is evaluated by the Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee. This kind of evaluation will be implemented under the presidency of our President next week..”

How does the vaccination process of lecturers work?

vaccination of teachers


Two Teachers with Opposing Views on the Opening of Schools Gathered [Video]

Minister Selçuk, addressed to him in the program “Are 10% of teachers vaccinated? ” to the question “Yes. 1 million 259 thousand teachersThere are teachers that we have listed and defined, starting with village schools.and added the reason for this as follows:

“The travel opportunities of our teachers in village schools differ partially compared to our other teachers. I just had the opportunity to meet with our Minister of Health. I had the opportunity to meet with our Minister of Health. There is a gradual vaccination. Only because there are delays in the arrival of the vaccine, these delays can also be the case for the vaccination of teachers. That our 125 thousand teachers will be vaccinated again I would say it from here for the first time.

There is no practice in any country in the world that first teachers should be vaccinated and then schools should be opened. Our teachers are very precious. It is natural that I would like them to be vaccinated first of all. The nature of my mission demands this. Mr. Minister has always had a positive point of view about teachers and of course we cannot be instilled. “

Will there be regular COVID-19 tests in schools?

covid testing in schools

The Minister of National Education, who received a question about whether or not to conduct regular tests in the later times of the program, said that this issue is outside of his field and it is not correct to comment. Stating that the main evaluation will be made by the Ministry of Health, Ziya Selçuk added the following to her words: “Is it necessary or not right now? The decision of the Scientific Committee is important. We do not have any problems with vaccination. Turkey has a clear perspective on the tests actually front on these issues. I think it will be easily decided on these issues with the presidency of the Ministry of Health and our President. “

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